Monthly Archives: January 2018

Profits of the US theatres

Theatres of the United States is mostly commercial enterprises that are not subsidized by the state, and working on sustainability. Nearly all American theaters cope without government support as their livelihoods. The area itself, the culture is completely private Autonomous sphere of activity. In the United States do not like the state theatre and the […]

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Theory: the object of imitation Part 3

Isn’t it should be approached and to our subject? Yes, the theatres of different epochs and regions sometimes radically different from each other, and shared between them are often one and sometimes the actors play the role with the participation of the audience. But it is enough that we, in the prescribed logic, were forced […]

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Theory: the object of imitation Part 2

Still, before adopting a point of view on a theater piece, not bad once again to question it. And the question is, Yes not one. Usually we do without malice, regarded a favorite expression “the stage incarnation” as a requirement of maximum trade note actor and character. But we are equally unconsciously go back to […]

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Theory: the object of imitation Part 1

To understand what wants to tell us the theatre, we must find out where it draws its content and how they’re produced. Whether at the theater and if there is what is it? In the first, but the essential approach here the question of the subject of art in General, just art in General. What […]

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Postmodern in the theatre

With a sharp and decisive allegations of modernity and its project, actually, started the postmodern debate. Usually they end a word of warning: if mankind will continue to live by the laws and principles of modernism, there is a threat to the very existence of our planet. This criticism of modernity, they are unanimous. In […]

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