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How to write poetry essays

Poetry writing paper is definitely one of those tasks assigned at literature lessons which make students feel uncomfortable. The subject, by its nature, is very demanding as it requires an author to analyze the subject. How to compose a clear and consistent essay focused on a poem? This article’s aim is providing you with some […]

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Theory: theatre genesis Part 2

In addition, it is an indirect warning do not rely on the rituality there is also a direct lesson: apparently, the theatrical genes must be sought not necessarily where there is an external, even a striking similarity with a theater or with some element that will be successfully parodied in the theatre. Worth looking for, […]

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Theory: theatre genesis Part 1

Historically, the educated consciousness naturally assumes that theater once was, and then he began and now continues to be. It is known that the theatre is not in all cultures, in all Nations, but where he was born, he continues to develop, no matter how difficult his way. This applies not only to Western but […]

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Opera in Germany and Austria Part 4

From the Opera Wagner arrangement of musical styles and also the arrangement of this entire world is dependent on the evolution of the storyline and stunning arrangement of this libretto. The honors Busoni and people who embraced his fundamentals (e.g. P. Hindemith Opera “Cardillac”, and also a student of Busoni K. Weil), musical sort shot […]

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Opera in Germany and Austria Part 3

Wagner fought because of its success of these fundamentals perhaps not only because being a composer and as a theorist, composer of a number of articles and books. His eyesight and imagination have generated ardent argument; also he’d enthusiastic fans and ferocious competitions. Inside his theory of tunes play proved to be a well-known one […]

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Opera in Germany and Austria Part 2

Essentially, it really is a musical philosophical narrative, that relates into this battle of these forces of both darkness and light, violence and justice. New music “Magic flute” Followed with its own stability, beauty and clarity, a kind of execution of components of routine folklore (sometimes speakers would be into the end, also, as an […]

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