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Modern theater like Facebook

The transformation of theatre in contemporary art is the topic of much research because it is concerned not only with the theatre, oddly enough, and even with the “physiology of vision” and new media, which the physiology have changed dramatically. The current generation of young people who actively use new technologies, gadgets, social networks it’s […]

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The history of Chinese theater Part 3

For performances czuczai we used two types of buildings: the booths, the scene of which was in the center of the building and resembled a circus arena, and of the stage, raised above the ground. The audience was located adjacent to the stage area. Scenes were often decorated with embroidered posters, they reported the name […]

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The history of Chinese theater Part 2

Figures for actions initially cut out from paper. The paper was too thin, so the doll was fragile and needed to impart durability. To do this, from tanned sheep, horse or donkey leather cut the same figure, which was held together with paper. Because the material for most of the dolls served donkey skin, people, […]

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The history of Chinese theater Part 1

In Chinese, the character for the concept “theatre” (“spectacle game”), consists of two parts. Left (“Xu”) means “emptiness”, understood as the center of a huge internal energy, which is the beginning of all things on earth. The right part (“GE”) “battle axe”. In the same way as the theatres of other countries, China theater originated […]

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Expressionism in movie and theater

Expressionism in gene expression neither “style” nor a set of techniques. Expressionism is not just a way of artistic expression, this attitude of mind and heart to the world, and the essence of this relationship can be briefly summarized in two words “alarm” and “rebellion”. Unlike other areas (e.g., cubism), expressionism was not limited to […]

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The features of ancient Italy theater Part 2

Texts atellana wrote ever, in order for the operation, the celebrities can snore that, anything. Depending around the favorite play has surfaced and MIM, that arrived into the Roman theater of Greece. Even the mimes had been also played out little moments out of regular activity, and at times on mythical motifs, at a satirical […]

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