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Opera in the United States Part 2

Within the genre of musical there are two main types: the so-called European and American. This division is very conditional. European oriented musical created by composers and playwrights who laid the basis of his works, operetta (English and Austrian options). This musical is the creators of such recognized masters as Rudolf Friml (b. 1879), Prague, […]

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Opera in the United States Part 1

The history of American music, particularly music of the American theater, the close dependence associated with the development of household and entertainment, “mass” music. The puritans, the first American settlers brought with them from Europe a very strict Church Psalms and a strict ban on any kind of secular music. But religious communities of Quakers, […]

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What is Chinese theatre?

As stated by the first plan from its own place has been assumed to function as assembled “aerial theater” a patio theatre with turf chairs. The design of this Chinese theatre, based in seventy eight, this entire year of this twentieth century, was initially created by architect Antonio Rinaldi, also structure had been supervised, that […]

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French opera Part 3

The second experience Milhaud in the genre of “Christopher Columbus” (1930). It is a Grand composition of the twenty seven paintings in two acts. Throughout the action the reader reads the “book of history” and the gallery in the auditorium, to comment on it. In the choir, as a witness of his own life, is […]

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French opera Part 2

The most significant phenomenon of this period was the Opera genre, “horror and rescue”. Social motive in these operas was not significant: was dominated by purely love theme mixed with naive morality. An entertaining story filled with all kinds of works. Whatever woes may hit the hero or the heroine they often came from the […]

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French opera Part 1

If before you were Billboard weekly or decadal repertoire of all Opera houses in the country, almost in each of them you would have found the names of one, two, and possibly three operas written by French composers. In any case, it is difficult to imagine such an Opera troupe, which would not put the […]

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