Chinese Theatre

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Traditional Chinese theatre

A characteristic feature of the art of the actor of the Chinese theatre a game with imaginary objects, the allegorical use of the objects of theatrical props. For example, a table depending on a situation can represent an altar, table, mountain, observation platform; hat, wrapped in red cloth a severed head; the black boxes the […]

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What is Chinese theatre?

As stated by the first plan from its own place has been assumed to function as assembled “aerial theater” a patio theatre with turf chairs. The design of this Chinese theatre, based in seventy eight, this entire year of this twentieth century, was initially created by architect Antonio Rinaldi, also structure had been supervised, that […]

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The history of Chinese theater Part 3

For performances czuczai we used two types of buildings: the booths, the scene of which was in the center of the building and resembled a circus arena, and of the stage, raised above the ground. The audience was located adjacent to the stage area. Scenes were often decorated with embroidered posters, they reported the name […]

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The history of Chinese theater Part 2

Figures for actions initially cut out from paper. The paper was too thin, so the doll was fragile and needed to impart durability. To do this, from tanned sheep, horse or donkey leather cut the same figure, which was held together with paper. Because the material for most of the dolls served donkey skin, people, […]

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The history of Chinese theater Part 1

In Chinese, the character for the concept “theatre” (“spectacle game”), consists of two parts. Left (“Xu”) means “emptiness”, understood as the center of a huge internal energy, which is the beginning of all things on earth. The right part (“GE”) “battle axe”. In the same way as the theatres of other countries, China theater originated […]

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Chinese theater of shadows

Chinese shadow theater is one of the types of theatrical puppetry, the founder of Chinese drama. Shadow theater has 2000 years of history and was one of the most popular people in the theatrical genres. How do puppet characters of the shadow theatre? How to give a presentation? The first doll is cut out of […]

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Chinese theatre and opera

The crowd appreciating with the Opera operation in traditional tobacco dominative to express, as soon as the Chinese theater, as virtually all types of theatrical artwork in China, if it’s the carnival, a dancing or musical performance, followed closely by theatrical performances. Nevertheless, the very first full blown magnificent demonstration seemed from China from the […]

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Beijing opera Part 2

Has greater than just three 100 decades old, firmly motivated the creation of both Beijing, Sichuan and Henan Opera. Very full of outspoken has above 400 songs. The thing is likewise rather vast. Yatsui (Guangzhou Opera dwelling) seemed at the age of the Qing below the effect of county and also Janzen (still another older […]

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Beijing opera Part 1

The most absolute most frequently occurring and many powerful theatrical artist in China could be that the Peking musical play (Beijing Opera) is jingxi. This had been formed at the XVIII century. Peking Opera joins components of dancing, acrobatics and fighting styles. It turned out to be a massive sum of fight scenes and also […]

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