Theory of drama

The fundamental terms and theories from ancient Greece to modern art forms

Introduction theory of drama Part 3

This is not the place of philosophical debate. Talking only about the nature of the choice that needs to be done today everyone who came up with the theory of theatrical art, and the relentlessness of such a choice. I tried to indicate. Where there is history, there is full knowledge of either historical or […]

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Introduction theory of drama Part 2

The methodological situation in modern theater, however, erratic and curious. To cite one example. In 2004, international conference, the famous German theater critic, author of three volumes of the “Semiotics of theatre” Erika Fischer Lichte gracefully and convincingly proved that the Director is not the author of the text. The deciding argument was the relationship […]

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Introduction theory of drama Part 1

Of the three words comprising the title of this work, explanations need all three. The preposition “to” in accordance with the directions of grammar, first, requires that the owner added “about…”, and, second, it captures the intention of the author to move in that direction, where, as it seemed, this question can be answered. Thirdly, and […]

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Features of theatre arts Part 3

It ought to be recalled that additional complex comprehension of the arrangement of play, for example the provisions “exposition”, “orgasm”, arrived much later on. The very first spectacle, may be your most important motif one act of this drama, is devoted towards the preliminary clashes and predicted vulnerability. Striking a node establishes not merely the […]

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Features of theatre arts Part 2

Drama because the foundation to get a point functionality Drama can be really a kind of literature where the driving pressure is still a procedure contrary to a “contrastive”, also is designed not just for looking at but in addition for panoramic embodiment. Reestablished platform operation. Not like prose will work, the storyline of this […]

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Features of theatre arts Part 1

The narrative of theater that I desire to get started with what of Herzen: “that the Theatre could be your maximum case for fixing life dilemmas”. The theater is just one among the first kinds of artwork. Heritage of evolution of individual society understands no time in that there wasn’t any theater. The idea of […]

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