Are there any drawbacks to living in a basement?

Are there any drawbacks to living in a basement?

While there are some benefits to living in a basement apartment, such as cooler temperatures in the summer, there are also several drawbacks. One of the most significant is the increased incidence of insect problems.

What happens if you rent a basement apartment?

If a home owner does not disclose to their home insurance company that they have a rented basement apartment, they could be fined or can loose their home insurance all together. And those who are living in illegal basement apartments won’t be able to get renters insurance for their belongings.

Why do people live in their parents basement?

Some of the reasons include: A downturn in employment opportunities may be the number one reason millennials live with their parents, according to Forbes magazine. Life in mom and dad’s basement does have its good points. For one thing, the cost of staying at home is typically a whole lot less than shelling out monthly mortgage or rent payments.

Who was the guy living in the basement at Ohio State?

This guy’s such a good roommate, you’d never even know he was there. A group of students at Ohio State University were living in an off-campus home near the school for about a month before they discovered “some random guy” had been living in their basement the whole time, The Lantern reported.

How can I make my basement apartment not feel like a basement?

Another great way to control the air flow in your basement apartment is to invest in a great oil diffuser. Much like humidifiers, diffusers use cool or warm water to create a mist that fills the space. But, they do one more magical thing that helps make any living space feel more inviting.

Can a person live in a basement apartment?

Basement apartments can be found in just about any type of apartment. They are especially common in houses that have been transformed into individual units. Often times the basement will be completely remolded so that someone can comfortably live there. While plenty of people live in basement apartments, they do come with their downside.

Where can I rent a basement apartment in Canada?

Alexa Blay and her husband rented a basement apartment in Toronto, Ontario, for about a year and a half. On the upside, she estimates they saved about $300 a month on rent.

What should be the layout of a basement apartment?

Sometimes you don’t have much control over the layout, but when there’s flexibility, place the kitchen and living space as close to the entrance as possible, and have the main bedroom as far away from the entrance as possible. And in a basement, open-concept is always best.

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