Can a 23 year old smoke pot in your home?

Can a 23 year old smoke pot in your home?

This is not acceptable, and you need to tell your boyfriend that. Your boyfriend’s passivity is the greatest threat to you at this point, because that is what is fueling the destructive behavior of his son. Regarding the 23 year old young man living in your home, smoking pot and being aggressive with you, I do understand your concerns.

When do you find out your son is smoking pot?

You found pot or paraphernalia in his room. You saw a suspicious text message or a social media posting. Maybe he came home clearly high. Or maybe you heard a story from one of his friends or another parent. Book Recommendation!

Why is my son smoking pot in the House?

He does not work, gets unemployment, doesn’t pay rent nor does he help out around the house. He spends his days and nights smoking pot and playing video games. His son knows he is not allowed to smoke pot in the house, but does when his dad is at work. I keep asking him to stop but he just gets mad and yells at me. Yesterday it escalated.

What should I do if my son smokes weed?

You can probably expect to face some denial, lying, anger and general excuses and maybe even some accusations about your parenting. He may have done all the “research” and try to make the point that smoking weed is perfectly fine and you should get him a medical marijuana card.

How old is my 14 year old son smoking marijuana?

I just found out that my 14-year-old son, who is a high school freshman, has been smoking marijuana. His best friend’s mom called me and said she found out that her son had been smoking. I think she found the marijuana.

How did I find out my son was smoking marijuana?

I have lost control of my teen son. Dear Dr. G ., I am completely losing it. A few months ago I found out my 17-year-old son was smoking marijuana. I grounded him—no car, no phone. He swore to me that was it (yeah right ). Just recently I bought an at-home drug test and asked him to take it just to ease my mind. He said he couldn’t.

What happens if my son is charged with marijuana possession?

Even if your son were legally charged with possession and use of marijuana, there’s a good chance that the courts wouldn’t do anything about it. Increasingly, concerned parents like yourselves are left without a shred of support in the outside world. None of this changes the fact that cannabis is a mind-altering and addictive drug.

What happens when a child starts smoking pot?

Once a child gets hooked on marijuana and combines it with other drugs, the chances of getting addicted, particularly if they start using at an early age, are very high. And the age that kids first start smoking it is going down.

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