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Can a mobile home be excluded from SSI?

Can a mobile home be excluded from SSI?

Your home can be a mobile home or fixed home and can be on either land or water (like a houseboat). The SSA doesn’t consider the value of the home when determining whether the home will be excluded; the entire value of your house will be excluded.

Who are the people that live in trailer parks?

“I thought it was a brilliant idea, brilliant,” says Mitch Huhem, who is looking to buy a trailer park with his wife, Deborah. “These people need a place to live, and they don’t want to mess around. “They’ve got to live somewhere, so you combine them in a certain place. They don’t go out to hurt people.

Who are the parents of bubbles in the trailer park?

Bubbles (portrayed by Michael Smith) is an awkward looking denizen of Sunnyvale who has lived there all his life in sheds of various types. He is closely associated with Ricky and Julian as the three are seen to be best friends and cohorts. Bubbles’ parents.

Who is the owner of Rolfe trailer park?

On the forecourt the owner, Lori Lee, tells Rolfe’s students she dedicated the park to sex offenders 20 years ago – and hasn’t looked back. “We were a family park when we first started.

Can a person under 55 live in a mobile home park?

For various reasons, mobile home parks have become a popular option for those who are soon to be, or already, retired. For those of you who have heard of the Fair Housing Act, it might seem strange that a park would be able to discriminate on tenants based on age.

Are there any theme parks for people with disabilities?

The good news is that there are many theme parks that welcome guests with disabilities and make special accommodations for them. Some of these are big-name parks with multiple locations, others are small, family-owned parks highly rated by theme park aficionados.

Is there an Accessibility Program at Sesame Place?

Guests may enroll in the Ride Accessibility Program at the Welcome Center when entering the park. Sesame Place features low-thrill family rides and non-scary Halloween attractions, so it’s perfect for a family with very young children.

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