Can a tenant have a roommate Ontario?

Can a tenant have a roommate Ontario?

A tenant can allow people to occupy the rental unit with the tenant but the tenant cannot subdivide the rental unit into more than one rental unit. That other person would be a roommate of the tenant or an occupant of the rental unit and that roommate/occupant has no protection under the RTA.

Can You sublet an apartment in New York City?

Whether you’re a tenant, subtenant, or a peer-to-peer vacation renter — allow this guide to help you navigate New York City’s complex, often mystifying housing laws. Even though the average tenant is legally allowed to sublet, you still have to ask for formal permission.

Who is responsible for subletting an apartment from the landlord?

Subletting is when a tenant or lessee rents out all or part of a rented unit (apartment for example) to another person. The original tenants (s) who signed the contract with the landlord or owner of the unit is generally held responsible to the original lease agreement with the landlord. Several states have laws governing sublets.

Can a landlord Sublett a rent stabilized apartment?

Subletting can never, for a Rent Stabilized tenant, be about making a profit on the Landlord’s real estate. The owner may charge the prime tenant the sublet allowance in effect at the start of the lease, if the lease is a renewal lease. The allowance is established by the New York City Rent Guidelines Board Order.

How long can a tenant sublet an apartment?

A tenant may not sublet an apartment for more than two years out of the four-year period before the termination date of the sublease. Rent Stabilization Code § 2525.6 (c).

Many buildings in NYC don’t allow subletting, and it is not uncommon to see tenants go around their landlords and secretly sublet the apartments. But it eventually will bring you, the subtenant, more problems if the landlord finds out about the sublet.

Can a rent stabilized tenant sublet an apartment?

As a rent stabilized tenant, you have the right to sublet your apartment under certain circumstances (visit the 1st question above) but you must always maintain that apartment as your primary residence.

What happens if I refuse to sublet an apartment?

If you proceed with a sublet after it has been reasonably rejected by the landlord, you may face eviction. Such breaches of the lease are “curable” however. If you lose the case you may keep the apartment by having the subtenant promptly move out (usually within ten days of judgment).

How can I advertise my apartment for sublet?

With RentHop, you will be able to sublet your apartment in no time. Advertising your apartment for sublet is easy with RentHop, and when we say “easy” we mean really easy. Simply take a few good photos of your apartment, write in a description and check off the amenities included in the unit and building.

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