Can a union representative ask questions during an interview?

Can a union representative ask questions during an interview?

An employer may insist that the union representative not answer questions put to the employee, however, the representative is allowed to consult with the employee and is permitted at the end of the interview to make additions, suggestions or clarifications.

Can a employer deny a request for a union representative?

The employer denied a request for a union representative which was a direct violation of PERA. The violation of PERA occurred despite discipline not issuing to the employee.

How to learn the rights of Union stewards?

1 THE LEGAL RIGHTS OF UNION STEWARDS TOTAL TIME: 2 HOURS I. Goals for the Training—5 mins Post and review the goals for the training: lLearn more about the legal rights of union stewards. lConsider the legal responsibilities of union stewards. lPractice explaining these rights and responsibilities to co-workers. II.

Can a person be questioned by the police?

You can talk to a lawyer – They have to tell you that you’ve got the right to talk to a lawyer, in private, and without any unreasonable delay, before you decide whether or not to answer the police’s questions.

Where can I post a civil legal question?

Qualifying users post their civil legal question to their state’s website. Users will then be emailed when their question receives a response. Attorney volunteers, who must be authorized to provide pro bono assistance in their state, log in to the website, select questions to answer, and provide legal information and advice.

What happens if there is no union representation?

Whichever option receives a simple majority of the votes cast wins. If a majority of those voting select “No Representation” you will continue to participate in the University’s personnel programs for non-represented employees. If there is an election, is there a minimum number of employees that must vote in order to decide the outcome?

How to ask a legal question for free?

Ask our volunteer attorneys a specific question about your civil legal issue. You’ll receive an email telling you when your question receives a response. See the response to your question; ask more questions. The state you selected is not participating as a Free Legal Answers site, although it may in the future.

When does a union become your exclusive representative?

It means you are choosing the union to act as your representative. A union may submit these cards to PERB, and based on a card check and not an election, become your exclusive representative if it obtains a majority of signed authorization cards.

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