Can I port my Section 8 voucher to Canada?

Can I port my Section 8 voucher to Canada?

? You can port if you have a Section 8 Voucher. These may also be called Housing Choice Vouchers. ? Exception: If the apartment you are in is called “Project Based Voucher.” There is a chance you can request to convert this to a “Tenant Based Voucher” and then port, using a rule called Family Right to Move.

What does it mean to port a voucher?

“Portability” in the HCV program refers to the process through which the family can transfer or “port” their rental subsidy when they move to a location outside the jurisdiction of the public housing agency (PHA) that first gave them the voucher when they were selected for the program.

How do I transfer my Section 8 to Georgia?

How to Transfer a Section 8 to Georgia

  1. Contact the public housing agency (PHA) that administers your current benefits.
  2. End your lease with your current landlord, if it has not already expired.
  3. Ask your PHA if it will allow you to move.
  4. Complete the necessary paperwork to begin the portability process.

Can you port a project based voucher?

Portability does not apply to the project-based voucher (PBV) program. A household porting into a receiving PHA’s jurisdiction may only receive a tenant-based voucher or homeownership assistance.

What is a portability voucher?

The portability feature of Section 8 vouchers allows voucher-holders to move to a rental unit of their choice, including one located outside the jurisdiction of the public housing authority (PHA) that initially issued the voucher, as long as there is a PHA administering a program for the jurisdiction where the unit is …

Can I transfer my Section 8 to Florida?

You can transfer your Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher to a new jurisdiction, even to another state, if you’re receiving assistance from HUD. Transferring is a “portability” feature of the program.

What is a public based voucher?

Overview. Project-based vouchers (PBVs) are a component of a public housing agency’s (PHA’s) Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. PHAs are not allocated additional funding for PBV units; the PHA uses its tenant-based voucher funding to allocate project-based units to a project.

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