Can your employer dictate where you live?

Can your employer dictate where you live?

The simple answer to these questions is yes, your employer can making hiring and firing decisions based on where you live. Government employers might also require employees live within the city or county in which they work.

How do you pay employees who live and work in different states?

If an employee lives in another state and works in that state, you will withhold taxes only for that state. If the employee performs any work in the state where your company is located, you will deduct income tax only on the wages for work performed in that state.

Can an employer come to your home?

It is not illegal for an employer to come to your house. It would be illegal if they came into your house uninvited. They can come over – invited or uninvited. You don’t have to let them in.

What if my employer did not withhold local taxes?

If employers do not withhold the lived-in taxes, it is the employee’s responsibility to pay the lived-in taxes to the resident locality.

Can my employer tell me I cant work a second job?

Employers often have the ability to restrict employees from working a second job or starting a side business. If you work a second job, the answer is yes—even if you don’t technically do that work at night. Plenty of employees work second or even third jobs to make ends meet or explore other career options.

Can an employer fire you for moonlighting?

Some employers are okay with moonlighting but have policies that require the disclosure and approval of outside employment. Other employers strictly prohibit moonlighting. If you work for an employer that prohibits moonlighting, and you get a second job, you can get fired.

Do you pay taxes where you live or work?

Your income tax liability may change based on the state you’re in, but you should expect to file taxes for both states: one return as a resident for the state where you live and a separate return as a nonresident for the state where you work. Learn more about filing taxes as a remote employee.

Can my boss came to my house if I call in sick?

About 70% of employers require employees to present a doctor’s note upon returning to work after calling out sick. An employer visiting an employee at his or her home is not breaking any laws as long as the employer respects the employee’s personal space and privacy.

What expenses should my employer pay if I work from home?

Computers, printers, paper supplies, pens, internet, and cell phones are all necessary items companies should be paying for if they have mandated an employee work from home, according to legal experts. It’s also possible that a portion of an employee’s gas and electric bills should be reimbursable expenses.

Can I tell my employer not to withhold taxes?

What are the Requirements for Employers? Employers are generally required to withhold money from an employee’s pay for income tax purposes, whether the employee is paid hourly or on a salary basis. The IRS states that in this case, the employee can use Form W-4 to tell an employer not to deduct federal income tax.

Do I have to declare a second job to my employer?

While employees do not have a legal obligation to disclose any other employment to their employers, many employers will restrict you from working elsewhere via a clause in your contract of employment.

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