Contemporary Theater

Theater is alive and flourishing even in our post industrial era

Forms of contemporary theatre

Contemporary theater today is similar to a comforter: vibrant, unexpected and diverse from the outfit of forms patches. Now the spectacle misfits maybe not just borrows the notion of how “the ceremony of this theater”, but additionally esoteric and philosophical techniques of self-discovery. Of course should severely to try to specify precisely this content material […]

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Modern theater like Facebook

The transformation of theatre in contemporary art is the topic of much research because it is concerned not only with the theatre, oddly enough, and even with the “physiology of vision” and new media, which the physiology have changed dramatically. The current generation of young people who actively use new technologies, gadgets, social networks it’s […]

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A few words about modern theater Part 1

Learned that friends daughter, a student, a future theatre artist, and thought about this beautiful and, alas, extinct profession. At the words “theater artist” I recall is that the reconstruction of Diaghilev’s productions, a contemporary theatre, it seems to me, artists have been freed. Well, sometimes it is visible, as are the costume and the […]

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A few words about modern theater Part 2

Frankly, in a variety of theaters, including with big names, another minimalist staging looks clean Amateur. Neither great acting, nor strained fancies of the Director. Turns out just the chorus of old women of “the Twelve chairs”, by themselves, worthy of admiration for his drive, but being seen on the professional stage showing her this […]

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What is contemporary theatre?

Perhaps today in the theater you can see anything but classical performances with traditional decorations, the usual eye and ear acting with self-promotion in an unobtrusive directing. Illustrative performances long out of fashion. Theater struggling to find a new language, the most interesting is that this search takes place before our eyes. What to be […]

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Italian opera Part 1

Taken into life from the ideals of this Italian Renaissance, this music genre originated at the late nineteenth century that the motto of music, poetry and theatre that the band educated Florentine musicians and artists were still trying to find techniques to establish the early theater, to make a artificial art which may precisely communicate […]

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Italian opera Part 2

Italian comedian Opera was displayed to period fun experience within the lifespan of the contemporaries; he even ridiculed the vices and regularly parodied the style of “deep” Opera. Stilted pathos honors, her virtuoso arias and also lost that the expressiveness of this recitative, Opera buffa in comparison to Comedy domestic themes, uncomplicated folks and dwelling […]

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Italian opera Part 3

The astute performer and also a born he comprehended that proper regular, indifference into the stunning content attracted Italian Opera into a stand still. Recognizing that the sketchiness of this build origin would be the principal flaws of German Opera, he headed a tireless fight for the invention of the radically total libretto and knowingly […]

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