This topic covers a lot of theatrical styles such as expressionism, realism, modernism etc.

Expressionism in movie and theater

Expressionism in gene expression neither “style” nor a set of techniques. Expressionism is not just a way of artistic expression, this attitude of mind and heart to the world, and the essence of this relationship can be briefly summarized in two words “alarm” and “rebellion”. Unlike other areas (e.g., cubism), expressionism was not limited to […]

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Postmodern in the theatre

With a sharp and decisive allegations of modernity and its project, actually, started the postmodern debate. Usually they end a word of warning: if mankind will continue to live by the laws and principles of modernism, there is a threat to the very existence of our planet. This criticism of modernity, they are unanimous. In […]

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Language and style in the dramatic art Part 1

In a sense the viewer is given form. But the theatre became a matter of reality, it must be embodied in some substance. And the only substance from which the form may be cut, which can only be implemented by just a theatrical text when we see it as a form, is the language. Theatrical […]

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Language and style in the dramatic art Part 2

Language poetry and theater in practice and in the theoretical limit synthetic. Take, for example, is technically similar to that modeled above. This time historical: the aforementioned “Forest” Meyerhold words differently varying the tune of “all high and beautiful”, clearly showed the lust. Theoretically, no matter whether out of tune. It is important that there […]

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Philosophy of theatrical expressionism

Expressio Saying, personality in literature and art of their initial years of the 20th century (1905-1925), among those regions of the European populous. Started at Europe like an Answer into this Intense societal tragedy of this very first quarter of this 20th century (even that the very first global war, even that the meltdown of […]

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The development of the theatre in the era of impressionism

At the point the Impressionists established a scene sketches, that has been dominated by reasons, indecision, departure, departure. A major role has been that the character neurotic, debilitating, weak-willed, emotionally unstable men and women. The behaving procedure of imaging indicated a dependence in the subconscious mind at the part’s particular feelings and experiences. Even the […]

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