The Classification

Explaining the difference between drama, comedy and tragedy

Types of theater Part 1

Theatrical consciousness as everyday life and science, including the mind of the authors of encyclopedias, habitually divides the theater into several types (sometimes referred to as the birth in this case, the theater itself I guess “art”). There are simple lists of these types. Among them, the principal theaters of drama, Opera, ballet (sometimes Opera […]

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Types of theater Part 4

As before, in this Chapter we only talked about the most simple and basic concepts. All are infinitely important and infinitely revealing private transient has been omitted. Meanwhile, there is a rich field. What, for example, the musical? It is called a genre, but as far as musicals are tragic and sometimes comic musical is […]

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Types of theater Part 2

Exactly the same and in musical theatre Opera and ballet: if we are talking about the content of the role, it is quite specific. For here, again, we recall once again, in principle, not in each case the content of the role is extracted from the music. There from the point of view of the […]

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Types of theater Part 3

Third of us overlooked areas of play is the language. And from this region it is now clear, too, must be learned criteria for the separation performances. And here, too, clear, mechanical, total “rightness” we can’t achieve. But at least, at least for that theatre, like music, not just “musical theatre of the living actor”, […]

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Tragedy and comedy

Thousands of years ago people believed that hunting or fishing will be successful if, going into the woods or the river, first cast the upcoming. The hunters were gathered together, and one painted on a rock or the ground bison, and all other metal painted beast spears and arrows. “Murdered! Killed!” shouted the ancient people […]

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