Did Jacob want to marry Rachel or Leah?

Did Jacob want to marry Rachel or Leah?

Jacob loved Rachel and agreed to remain married to Leah. Laban allowed Jacob to marry Rachel the following week but had to promise to serve Laban for another seven years. Leah hoped that Jacob would now love her and find favor with her, but unfortunately, this was not the case.

Who Did Jacob really want to marry?


Laban promised his younger daughter Rachel to Jacob in return for seven years’ service, only to trick him into marrying his elder daughter Leah instead. Jacob then served another seven years in exchange for the right to marry his choice, Rachel, as well (Genesis 29).

How did Leah and Rachel meet in the Bible?

It was at Laban’s that Jacob met Leah and Rachel. Laban offered his nephew Jacob a place to stay. Jacob soon fell in love with Laban’s younger daughter, Rachel, and agreed to work for Laban seven years in exchange for marriage to her (Genesis 29:16–20). Laban agreed, but after seven years, he deceived Jacob.

Why did Laban give Leah to Jacob instead of Rachel?

Laban agreed, but after seven years, he deceived Jacob. On the night that Jacob and Rachel were to be married, Laban gave Rachel’s older sister, Leah, to him as a wife instead. Jacob protested, but Laban argued that it wasn’t the custom to give the younger daughter in marriage first. So it was official: Jacob and Leah were to stay married.

How long did Jacob stay married to Leah?

Imagine Leah’s shock and sadness when Jacob wakes up upset about having married her and then reveals to her that he had been working seven years for her sister ( Genesis 29:25 )! Jacob stayed married to Leah, but a week later he also took Rachel as his wife—working an additional seven years for her ( Genesis 29:27–28 ).

Why did God allow Jacob to marry Rachel?

Jacob did not consent to marry Leah only Rachel, but since he obviously had sex with her, Jacob’s honor dictated that regardless of his non recognition or desire of this marriage, he was duty bound to the principle ‘Touch her, she’s yours”.

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