Do messages expire on Facebook?

Do messages expire on Facebook?

Facebook does not delete old messages/conversations that haven’t been active in years. (my oldest one: 2007-05-30). Note that at that time people often used to post on walls to discuss even private matters. Even if they did not display them any more, you could not guarantee that they have been deleted.

How long do messages stay on Facebook?

When you delete a message from Facebook, it’s gone forever. And if you submit the account delete form without deleting your messages, then the messages will remain until the deletion is complete which is 14 days.

Can you count Facebook messages?

Yes, there is an easy way to do it: go to your messages in Facebook and then click on the conversation you want the count from. Scroll very fast up in the conversation, now there stands “loading xxxx messages”. The programmers’s way is the only way to do it. This cannot be done from within Facebook.

What is the message limit on Facebook?

You can message up to 150 people at once. If you’d like to distribute a message to a specific group that you’re a part of, you can post in the group. All members of the group will be able to see your post, and the members who’ve allowed group notifications will also receive a notification about your post.

Does Messenger keep old messages?

Unless you actively delete the history between you and another user, Messenger retains the entirety of your back-and-forth conversations, stretching back years. It could be jarring to some to be hit with an old thread with an ex or a family member or friend who has passed.

How can you tell if someone has hidden messages on Messenger?

So, if you’re trying to check if your partner is using secret conversation on messenger you will have to go on his phone directly, not just on his account related. Once you are on his phone, go to his messenger, go to start a new message, and then you will be able to see who the secret conversations have been with.

Are deleted FB messages gone forever?

You’ve probably deleted a Facebook message at least once in your life. Maybe you were annoyed at that person, or perhaps you wanted to organize your inbox. But whatever the reason, the chat is gone from your app and computer forever once you delete it.

Can the police see Deleted Facebook messages?

Can police retrieve messages from a deleted Facebook account? In short, yes. If a police authority has a case where they need access to a “deleted” Facebook account, then they would get a judge to sign a warrant and present that to Facebook. Facebook would then search their servers and provide the messages.

How do you find out who you chat the most on Facebook?

ESSENTIAL: YOU HAVE TO HAVE CHROME TO DO THIS….Here’s how to find out who you interact with most on Facebook

  1. Go on Facebook.
  2. Right click and scroll down to ‘view page source’
  3. Click on view page source.
  4. Press command F (if you have a Mac) or control F (if you have a PC).
  5. It will take you to this section.

How many messages can you send on Messenger?

If you were warned about sending too many messages or sending them too quickly, you’ll need to stop sending so many messages or you may be unable to send messages on Messenger. To learn more about our policies, please review the Facebook Community Standards. You can also only forward up to five messages at a time.

How do I know if I’m blocked in Messenger?

If you are blocked, you’ll see a message in the chat box (where you just typed) that says “This person isn’t available right now,” they have either blocked your messages, deactivated their Facebook account, or completely blocked you on Facebook.

Can you use Messenger If you are banned from Facebook?

The word that Facebook uses is limits, not ban. But the effect is the same. This page is restricted from the use of message tags, subscription and broadcast messaging, and sponsored messages. Your page will still be able to respond to messages according to standard messaging permissions.

Is there a way to count all my FB messages?

There used to be a facebook app to count messages. But that doesn’t work now. There is one other method by scrolling up your chat (The middle column), but this method is not workable. (Works on Mac, there probably is a way for Windows) If you want an exact number and the distribution of times/dates, you can archive your fb message data.

Is there a limit to how many messages you can send on Facebook?

Just be careful not to send too many messages at once. You might be reported as spam and they will block or ban your account. after about 60 fast continous messages you’ll get the captcha…

Can a text message be a 30-day notice?

Text messaging will not satisfy the notice requirement. She has to give you proper written notice and then you would have 30 days. It seems that you are willing to move, so my suggestion is that you try to work something out so you have time to find a new place. Evidence Code section 250 defines a text message as “a document”.

Is the 30 day ban on Facebook a feature?

Much has been said about this ‘feature’ on Facebook, but I have more to add to the ongoing discussion on the Internet.

Text messaging will not satisfy the notice requirement. She has to give you proper written notice and then you would have 30 days. It seems that you are willing to move, so my suggestion is that you try to work something out so you have time to find a new place. Evidence Code section 250 defines a text message as “a document”.

What’s the function of Messenger Day on Facebook?

This feature is similar to Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. Messenger Day allows you to share photos and videos of some noteworthy events that took place throughout your day. The photos and videos will appear in Messenger for 24 hours and you can see who viewed it.

Who are the largest demographic of Facebook users?

Users ages 25–34 years are the largest demographic. In the distribution of global Facebook users, 19.3% were male users between 25 and 34 years old and 13.1% were female users in the same age range. While Facebook users can be found at all ages, 72.8% are within the 18–44 years old range. 2.

What do you need to know about Facebook Messenger Lite?

It installs and loads very quickly plus it uses less data. Messenger Lite was designed to work for 2G networks so it is very efficient. And it works on Android 2.3 and up. To make Messenger Lite lightweight, Facebook had to remove certain features like Messenger Day, Instant Games and bots. 17.) Play Basketball On Messenger

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