How can I get a good lawyer with no money?

How can I get a good lawyer with no money?

Here’s how to find legal help if you can’t afford a lawyer:

  1. Contact the city courthouse.
  2. Seek free lawyer consultations.
  3. Look to legal aid societies.
  4. Visit a law school.
  5. Contact your county or state bar association.
  6. Go to small claims court.

How to find a good lawyer in Florida?

Attorney profiles include the biography, education and training, and client recommendations of an attorney to help you decide who to hire. Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Florida attorney for legal advice.

What is the Florida Bar lawyer referral service?

What is the Lawyer Referral Service? The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service refers potential clients to attorneys. Staff at the lawyer referral service will match people looking for lawyers with attorneys who are experienced in the appropriate area of law.

Where can I get a lawyer for free?

Seek free lawyer consultations. Look to legal aid societies. Visit a law school. Contact your county or state bar association. Go to small claims court. Depending on your situation, you can employ a variety of strategies to get free legal advice or cheap legal assistance.

Can a person go to court without an attorney?

If someone is suing you and you know in advance what they are asking for and are willing to pay the amount, you can simply plead no contest, appear in court without an attorney, or not appear at all. If you don’t appear, a summary judgment will be issued against you. What Else Do You Want to Improve About Yourself?

Who are the ethics attorneys for the Florida Bar?

The attorneys in The Florida Bar’s Ethics Department provide informal advisory ethics opinions to members of The Florida Bar who inquire about their own contemplated conduct.

Can a lawyer communicate with a witness in Florida?

After reviewing the text of the rule itself, together with the existing Florida case law, it is clear that the rule does not prohibit lawyers from communicating with witnesses during their testimony. Those wishing to prevent opposing counsel from communicating with witnesses during their testimony must look elsewhere for support.

What are the rules and opinions of the Florida Bar?

Attorneys facing similar problems should consult the cited authorities. In the citations, “Rule” or “Rules” refers to the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar and “Opinion” or “Opinions” refers to Formal Advisory Opinions of The Florida Bar’s Professional Ethics Committee.

Where can I get free legal questions answered?

Questions may display online and be archived by Martindale-Hubbell. Need assistance with a legal question? Use Ask a Lawyer to get free legal answers from attorneys in your area. Can I evict my boyfriend from my house and do I need a reason? Is he supposed to be paying rent?

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