How do I evict a tenant without a lease in Missouri?

How do I evict a tenant without a lease in Missouri?

The only way a landlord can evict a tenant in Missouri is by receiving a court order allowing the eviction to occur. It is illegal for a landlord to attempt to evict a tenant through any other means, such as changing the locks or shutting off the utilities at the rental property (see Mo. Rev.

Can a landlord evict a tenant without prior notice in Missouri?

Landlords may proceed directly to step 2 below without giving tenants prior written notice. A tenant can be evicted in Missouri if they do not uphold their responsibilities under the terms of a written lease/rental agreement. These are called unlawful detainer cases in Missouri.

What are the rules for being a landlord in Missouri?

Landlord-Tenant Law (If the landlord disputes this, a tenant must obtain written verification from city inspectors as to the code violation.) • The tenant has lived on the property for at least six consecutive months. • The tenant has paid all rent owed. • The tenant is not in violation of the lease.

Can a landlord evict a tenant without a rental agreement?

A tenant without a rental agreement is called a “tenant at will.” This type of tenant has few legal protections, and landlords can evict if they follow the procedures established by the state. If a landlord has legal questions, then he or she should meet with a lawyer.

Can a landlord evict a tenant with 30 days notice?

In tenancy-at-will situations, a verbal or written agreement has been made between you and a tenant. This sets up a month-to-month tenancy that can be terminated by either the tenant or the landlord a with 30-day notice. To evict this type of tenant, you need to give tenants a minimum of a 30 days minimum notice to quit.

What are Missouri eviction laws?

Missouri State Laws on Termination for Nonpayment of Rent. States set specific rules and procedures for ending a tenancy when a tenant has not paid the rent. Missouri landlords must give tenants at least five days in which to pay the rent or move. If the tenant does neither, the landlord can file for eviction.

What is eviction notice in Missouri?

Missouri eviction notices inform a tenant that their lease will be terminated on a specified date, most often due to unpaid rent or a violation of the terms of their lease. An eviction notice will sometimes give the lessee a time limit by which they may resolve the issue and keep their rental agreement.

What are eviction laws?

Notice for Termination Without Cause. A landlord cannot end a tenancy early without cause. If the landlord does not have cause for an eviction case, then the landlord must wait until the end of the lease or rental period before asking or expecting the tenant to move.

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