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How do I know if my ex girlfriend has no contact?

How do I know if my ex girlfriend has no contact?

Here are a few ways you might find out that no-contact could be working: You learn that your ex is asking others about you. You learn that your ex seems to be sad and miserable. You find out that your ex is reminiscing about the good times with you.

Should I ever contact my ex girlfriend?

Most experts agree: you should not reach out to your ex unless you hope to salvage a treasured friendship. The impulse to reach out to an ex, whether it is because you still have feelings for them, you are seeking comfort and familiarity, or you simply want to know how they are doing, is often a bad idea.

What she is thinking during no contact?

What is she thinking during no contact? Initially, right after the breakup, your ex is not thinking about the good times and how much fun she had while it lasted. Since your ex is feeling overpowered with relief, she actually thinks that she’s feeling much happier now that she can finally do what she always wanted.

When to use the no contact rule with your ex?

So, to protect herself emotionally, she begins dating a new man. She hopes that it will make her ex feel hurt enough to then try to get her back no matter what. In a case like that, using the No Contact Rule (i.e. not contacting her for a period of 30-60 days) can work because she is only doing it to try to get her ex back.

Is it possible to get your ex back after no contact?

No Contact is still the best strategy to get your ex back. Most of the time when people FAIL to get their ex back, it’s because they break down during the No Contact period and decide to start begging and pleading for their ex to come back to them. The KEY to getting your ex back is to build attraction naturally.

Can you contact your ex if she is seeing someone else?

If you want your ex back, it’s up to you as the man to make the first move, even if she is seeing someone else. There’s nothing wrong with contacting her (even if she has a new man in her life), to say hello as friends.

What happens if I cut off contact with my ex?

If your ex doesn’t have feelings for you and has started seeing someone else, she probably won’t care much if you cut off contact with her. She may wonder why you’re not contacting her, but if she broke up with you due to a lack of attraction, then she’s not going to come running back because you don’t contact her.

Does no contact really work to get your ex girlfriend back?

The no contact rule is a technique to get your ex back but also an appropriate response to being dumped or broken up with. It’s responding with dignity and strength which are attractive qualities and is why no contact works.

Is it best to have no contact with your ex?

If your ex is still in love with you and you don’t reciprocate those feelings, it’s best to not have contact with one another. If your ex is in love with you, any action, point of contact, or moment will mean much more to them than it means to you. It’s not fair to allow yourself to give someone hope if there is none.

What happens if you break the no contact rule?

No contact for at least 30 days. This means no texts, no emails, no calls, no “accidental” run-ins, nothing. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you break the rule and send a quick hello text message, you have broken the no-contact rule and it becomes void.

Why is the no contact rule so effective?

The reason why the no contact rule is so effective is because of the role of uncertainty. A man must come across as a mystery and a challenge to women, otherwise he becomes uninteresting and unattractive.

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