How do you deal with a possessive friend?

How do you deal with a possessive friend?

11 Tips on How to Stop being a Possessive Friend

  1. Remember that you don’t own your friend.
  2. Assess your own actions.
  3. Respect your friend.
  4. Give your friend some space.
  5. Be open to possibilities.
  6. Do the things that you love.
  7. Find new hobbies.
  8. Meet new people.

Why am I possessive over my friend?

Because of the great investment of time and emotional energy needed to grow a close friend, time with this person is indeed something to be cherished and when anyone else or anything else threatens the time and attention a close friend may give you, you may feel possessive because you want to preserve your close …

How to deal with a jealous or possessive friend?

Put away all forms of distractions. Maintain eye contact with your friend, while leaning forward and tilting your head slightly. Do not interrupt your friend. Attempt to see the issue from their perspective. 3. Instead of dismissing their emotional response, validate their feelings.

When do you know if a friend is possessive?

While this is not always a sign of neediness or possessiveness, it is when they display anger or resentment towards your other friends, colleagues or family members. 5. They try to sabotage your friendships.

How to deal with a possessive boyfriend or girlfriend?

Open the conversation by letting them know how and why you appreciate them, and then merge into the problems you are facing with their behavior. Always talk in terms of “their behavior” not “them” as this removes unnecessary finger-pointing negativity.

What to do if your friendship is turning toxic?

Always be true to yourself and focus on what makes you happy. If you’re in a friendship that doesn’t leave you feeling uplifted by the end of a day together, you need to think about whether you that friendship is worth it at all. MORE : Conversations with Bibi & Alice: Why do new parents dump their childless friends?

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