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How do you distinguish between good and evil?

How do you distinguish between good and evil?

Good and evil are judgment based. When a person finds pleasure out of something, he calls it good. On the other hand, if it brings him misery, he calls it evil.

Is there a balance between good and evil?

No, there can never be a balance between good and evil. Perfect equilibrium and balance is against the laws of nature. Perfect balance hampers growth and evolution. To prevent something bad we create something good.

Can you be good and evil?

Human nature is infinitely more complex than this, of course. In human beings, ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are fluid. People can be a combination of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ qualities. Some people who behave cruelly and brutally can be rehabilitated and eventually display ‘good’ qualities such as empathy and kindness.

Is there a middle ground between good and bad?

There is no middle thing in between good and evil. An action can never be good and evil at the same time. However, to do THE RIGHT THING just requires logic and knowing where to do something evil/selfish, and where to do something good/altruistic.

Is Good vs evil a trope?

A series looking at common storytelling tropes in literature. This essay looks at Good versus Evil, and how to use, avoid or subvert it. Conflict of Good and Evil is a concept that has survived for over three thousand years, and has long been ingrained into literature.

What is the middle of benevolent and malevolent?

If someone is malevolent, they wish evil on others. Malevolent comes from the Latin word malevolens, which means “ill-disposed, spiteful”; its opposite is benevolent, which means “wishing good things for others. If someone is malevolent, they wish evil on others. …

Is Maleficent malevolent?

As adjectives the difference between maleficent and malevolent. is that maleficent is harmful or evil in intent or effect while malevolent is having or displaying ill will; wishing harm on others.

Is benevolent and merciful?

As nouns the difference between benevolence and mercy is that benevolence is (uncountable) disposition to do good while mercy is (uncountable) relenting; forbearance to cause or allow harm to another.

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