How does this document D explain how Islam spread so quickly?

How does this document D explain how Islam spread so quickly?

Terms in this set (12) It explains it spread so quickly because it had a very fair, and strong government. It explains it spread so quickly because the Muslims were accepted by other empires and governments around them.

What are three places Islam spread to through trade?

Name three places Islam spread through trade, and the goods the acquired from these places. China: paper and gunpowder. Africa: ivory, cloves, and slaves. India: cloth goods.

What does Ghazi mean?

Muslim warrior
: a Muslim warrior especially : one victorious in battle against the opponents of Islam —often used as a title of honor.

How did Islam help trade?

Islamic merchants dealt in a wide variety of trade goods including sugar, salt, textiles, spices, slaves, gold, and horses. The expanse of the Islamic Empire allowed merchants to trade goods all the way from China to Europe. Many merchants became quite wealthy and powerful.

Why did the spread of Islam happen so fast?

This will happen fast because all of those camels I mentioned. Islam also spread because people like their government. They had people who were called caliphs who did a great job. They also sang Hymns which the people loved and they signed up. So that’s how Islam spread very quickly. Each reason was more important than the one above it.

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How did Islam spread from Spain to India?

Islam reached from Spain to India and had a huge impact on people all across the known world. Their success in expansion was due their use of tactics and methods to assist them in spreading their control.

Why did people want to convert to Islam?

Under Islamic occupation, citizens in these lands enjoyed extensive freedom they would not otherwise get from their former masters. The people then willingly converted into Islam, enticed by the promise of eternal paradise. Trade and Commerce

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