How is Jesus represented?

How is Jesus represented?

In sculpture, Jesus was portrayed primarily in two ways: on the cross and on his judgment seat. His depiction on the cross gave rise to the crucifix (a representation of the figure of Jesus on the cross), which became the pivotal iconographic use of Jesus in the Roman Catholic Church.

How do the 4 Gospels portray Jesus?

The Gospels recount the story of Jesus Christ, each of the four books giving us a unique perspective on his life. Luke portrays Jesus as Savior of all people. The Gospel of John gives us an up-close and personal look at Christ’s identity as the Son of God, disclosing Jesus’ divine nature, one with his Father.

How is Jesus represented in the Gospel of John?

Throughout John’s Gospel, Jesus openly presents himself as the divine Son of God, not hiding his identity as he does in The Gospel According to Mark. Thus, the author of John’s Gospel does not merely narrate a series of events but singles out details that support an ordered theological interpretation of those events.

What is Jesus portrayed as in Luke?

So Jesus is probably at his most powerful in the gospel of Luke, from a variety of perspectives, as prophet, as healer, as savior, as benefactor. Luke portrays Jesus in the gospel in essentially according to the image of the divine man.

Why did Jesus need to have a worldview?

So why would Jesus need to have a worldview; simply because the scriptures inform us of such. In Luke 2:52 we read that, “Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.” In this verse we immediately notice that Jesus increased in wisdom.

Are there any world views in the Bible?

In its complexity, there are as many worldviews as there are people. As Christians it is important that the views which we hold about the world and life is grounded in biblical truth. The bible makes only two real distinctions: There is the kingdom of God (The Christian worldview) and the kingdom of this world (all other worldviews).

What would Jesus do in today’s World?

Here are five things I’m pretty sure Jesus would do in today’s world. 1. Jesus would side with the poor, not with a party It has been claimed that partisan politics is an even more divisive issue in America today than race.

What was the worldview of the Son of God?

The worldview of Jesus was such that people need knowledge of God in order to make sense of their life. It is therefore, without question that the Son of God states that the knowledge that people need is that which not only comes from him but is him.

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