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How many guests should I cater for?

How many guests should I cater for?

If you ask wedding planners and caterers, many will say that you should cater for around 75% of all your guests. Keep in mind that not everyone will be hungry, and many people will just nibble at a buffet. But consider how many of your guests were present for the meal during the day, and how late the party will run.

Do caterers make extra food?

While all caterers have their own policies, a general rule of thumb is that, yes, there’s probably a little more food on hand for extra guests if they show up — but not much. In fact, some caterers will even charge more than your per person charge for extras, as it places unplanned-for stress on staff.

Do wedding venues count evening guests?

It is entirely up to you which guests you invite to the whole wedding day, and which are invited just to the evening reception. Your friends will overjoyed just to be included in your celebrations and will understand your budget restraints.

Do you have a DJ at a christening?

Although you don’t have to, the majority of Christenings have entertainment afterwards. This gives a chance for the adults to catch up while the children can play. It can be hard to decide what you would like for entertainment – and a lot depends on the ages of the children you are looking to keep busy.

What do caterers do with leftovers?

“Your leftovers will feed my family for a week.” You paid for that food, and it’s yours, even the leftovers. Just as in a restaurant, it’s your right to have all the leftovers returned to you, wrapped for takeout. But it isn’t unheard of for some caterers to quietly take doggie bags of their own.

Do caterers wash dishes?

Caterers are known in the industry for serving large quantities of food, but hiring a small of team dishwashers. This usually leaves dishwashers with the task of having a huge quantity of dishes to wash. Sometimes a large volume of dishes is best handled with a five person staff rather than two people.

What do you do after a christening?

Following the christening, it’s common to arrange a reception or party. As we mentioned, this gives your friends and family the opportunity to celebrate with you and your child. Your party venue should be close to the church with plenty of room for all of your guests.

What entertainment do you have at a christening?

Classical music such as string quartets, harpists or singers are popular choices for the ceremony, with jazz bands, swing bands & pianists proving good choices for the drinks reception afterwards. Many Christenings now also run on into the night with a live party band or DJ.

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