How many Muslim countries are there in the world?

How many Muslim countries are there in the world?

According to the Pew Research Center, there are a total of 50 Muslim-majority nations in the world. However, according to World Atlas, there are 45 Islamic countries.

Which European country has highest Muslim population?

Estimates of the percentage of Muslims in Russia (the biggest group of Muslims in Europe) vary from 5 to 11.7%, depending on sources….Current demographics.

Country Estimated % of Muslims among total population in 2016
Cyprus 25.4
Bulgaria 11.1
France 8.8
Sweden 8.1

Where is the largest Muslim population in the US?

New York City
New York City had the largest number of Muslims in the US with approximately 750,000.

What is the fastest growing religion in the USA?

By 2050, Christianity is expected to remain the majority religion in the United States (66.4%, down from 78.3% in 2010), and the number of Christians in absolute numbers is expected to grow from 243 million to 262 million.

Over fifty countries have Muslim-majority populations, while other groups of believers are clustered in minority communities in nations on nearly every continent. Although Islam is often associated with the Arab world and the Middle East, fewer than 15 percent of Muslims are Arab.

What’s the difference between Muslim world and Islamic world?

Muslim world. The terms Muslim world and Islamic world commonly refer to the unified Islamic community ( Ummah ), consisting of all those who adhere to the religion of Islam, or to societies where Islam is practiced. In a modern geopolitical sense, these terms refer to countries where Islam is widespread,…

Where does Islam have the most adherents in the world?

According to a study in 2015, Islam has 1.8 billion adherents, making up about 24.1% of the world population. Islam is the dominant religion in Central Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Middle East, North Africa, the Sahel and some other parts of Asia.

Where are the Muslim communities in the world?

Sizeable Muslim communities are also found in the Americas, China, Europe, and Russia. Islam is the fastest-growing major religion in the world. The Tabula Rogeriana, drawn by Al-Idrisi of Sicily in 1154, one of the most advanced ancient world maps. Al-Idrisi also wrote about the diverse Muslim communities found in various lands.

What is the percentage of Muslims in the United States?

In general, American Muslims are one of the most racially diverse groups in the country, with a makeup that is 41 percent White, 20 percent Black, 28 percent Asian, and 8 percent Hispanic.

Which is the second largest Muslim population in the world?

South Asia contains the largest population of Muslims in the world. One-third of Muslims are of South Asian origin. Pakistan is the second largest Muslim-majority country in terms of population in the world. Islam is the dominant religion in the Maldives, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

There are between 49 and 51 Muslim-majority countries in the world, according to estimates from 2010. The fluctuation is a result of the changing demographics in countries where Muslims comprise around 50 percent of the population. For example, since 50.01 percent is a majority but 49.99 is not,…

Which is the third largest Muslim country in the world?

Together, the Muslims in the countries of Southeast Asia constitute the world’s third-largest population of Muslims. In the countries of the Malay Archipelago Muslims are majorities in each country other than the Philippines, Singapore, and East Timor.

Which is the largest Islamic State in the world?

Today, an Islamic state may include modern political practices and many include both a parliament and a President. Even the Constitution in these countries is based on Islamic law. The major Islamic states are Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Mauritania, and Yemen. For example, in Iran]

Which is the least religious Muslim majority country?

Albania, as studied by various surveys, is one of the least religious nations in the world. Its population hardly observes religious customs, having the least frequent mosque visit among all of the Muslim countries. Azerbaijan is perhaps the most secular among Muslim-majority states.

How many Muslim majority countries are secular in the world?

Secularism can be approached in a variety of different ways, the countries mentioned here are secular states in the Muslim World that have declared total separation between civil/government affairs and religion and recognizes the freedom of practicing one’s faith immune to the public activity (Government).

What is the percentage of Muslims in Indonesia?

This is 87.2% of the Indonesian population of 263 million and about 13% of the world’s population of Muslims. Muslims in Indonesia are about 99% Sunni, 0.5% Shia, and 0.3% Ahmadi.

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