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How many sons did Guru Nanak have?

How many sons did Guru Nanak have?

He married the daughter of a Khatri, who bore him two sons.

How many siblings did Guru Nanak Dev Ji have?

Bebe Nanaki
Guru Nanak/Siblings
Bebe Nanaki (Punjabi: ਬੇਬੇ ਨਾਨਕੀ, lit. ‘Sister Nanaki’; c. 1464–1518) was the elder sister of Guru Nanak, the founder and first Guru of Sikhism. Nanaki is an important figure in Sikhism, and is known as the first Gursikh.

How many sons Guru Gobind Singh had?

three sons
The couple had three sons: Jujhar Singh (b. 1691), Zorawar Singh (b. 1696) and Fateh Singh (b. 1699).

What happened to Guru Nanak when he was 11?

For example, at the age of eleven, boys of his age are supposed to wear a sacred thread of caste. But, Nanak refused to wear the thread, arguing that caste should not be used as a means of judging a person. Nanak would often debate with religious pundits about the nature of God and true religious practice.

Is Guru Nanak a God?

Nanak’s teachings can be found in the Sikh scripture Guru Granth Sahib, as a collection of verses recorded in Gurmukhi. But it has a pivotal concept of Guru. He is not an incarnation of God, not even a prophet. He is an illumined soul.

Is there a Sikh God?

Sikhism is a monotheistic religion. This means that Sikhs believe there is one God. One of the most important names for God in Sikhism is Waheguru (Wonderful God or Lord). Sikhs learn about God through the teachings of Guru Nanak and the nine Sikh Gurus who came after him.

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Why Sikh do not smoke?

Sahajdhari Sikhs do not hold these precepts, but generally avoid alcohol. Marijuana and tobacco are not accepted within the Sikh community as a whole and are strictly prohibited for baptized Amritdhari Sikhs. The Guru Granth Sahib tells the Sikh, “your mouth has not stopped slandering and gossiping about others.

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