How was Paul converted to Christianity?

How was Paul converted to Christianity?

Paul was a follower of Jesus Christ who famously converted to Christianity on the road to Damascus after persecuting the very followers of the community that he joined. However, as we will see, Paul is better described as one of the founders of the religion rather than a convert to it.

Was Paul a persecutor?

3 Bultmann (“Paul,” 114) writes concerning Paul the persecutor that “for him the question concerning the acceptance of the Christian message is identical with the either/or decision between the law and Jesus Christ,” and that Paul became a persecutor of Hellenistic Christianity “because he could not help seeing it as …

How long did the Apostle Paul spend with Jesus?

Antioch served as a major Christian home base for Paul’s early missionary activities, and he remained there for “a long time with the disciples” at the conclusion of his first journey. The exact duration of Paul’s stay in Antioch is unknown, with estimates ranging from nine months to as long as eight years.

Why did Michelangelo paint the conversion of Saul?

With The Conversion of Saul, Michelangelo was cementing his reputation as an innovator at the same time as underlining his abilities as a master of painting; the precision of the brushwork gives him license to take liberties with form and colour. This is the work of a master at the height of his powers.

Who converted Saul?

The account continues with a description of Ananias of Damascus receiving a divine revelation instructing him to visit Saul at the house of Judas on the Street Called Straight and there lay hands on him to restore his sight (the house of Judas is traditionally believed to have been near the west end of the street).

Who painted the Conversion of St Paul?

The Conversion of Saint Paul/Artists

What was the result of the conversion of Paul?

Paul found grace, love and mercy so deep, that it reached even him; persecutor of Christians. He was awoken to his own sin. Paul’s conversion resulted in a significant and sincere change of heart. It also resulted in a significant change of direction in Paul’s life.

Who was the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus?

Saul of Tarsus (to become the apostle Paul) on the road to Damascus. Illustration by H M Brock. Jack Zavada is a writer who covers the Bible, theology, and other Christianity topics.

Why did Paul change his name to Paul?

It is interesting that Paul began using his Roman name on Cyprus when the Roman proconsul on that island was converted ( Acts 13:12 ). This was during Paul’s first missionary journey and involved a high-ranking, idolatrous Gentile coming to faith in Christ.

What did Paul do to spread the Gospel?

By submitting himself completely to Jesus, Paul was able to spread the gospel throughout the known world. The same Jesus who rose from the dead and transformed Paul wants to work in your life too.

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