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How was religion brought to the Caribbean?

How was religion brought to the Caribbean?

Religion in the Caribbean was an integral part of both the white and black societies during periods of emancipation and afterwards. European missionary groups like the Baptists, Moravians, Quakers, and the Catholics brought Christianity to the islands. In general, they either accepted the missionaries or ignored them.

How did Islam arrive in our region?

After the advent of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century, Islam started its expansion towards eastern regions through trade encouraged by the development of the maritime Silk Roads. It is believed that Islam first arrived in these South-eastern regions by the 7th century.

What ethnic group brought Islam Jamaica?

West African Moors
The first Muslims in Jamaica were West African Moors captured in the Reconquista sold as slaves to traders, and brought to Jamaica on ships. Bryan Edwards and Richard Robert Madden in their works written in the late 18th and early 19th century often wrote about the Muslim slaves of Jamaica and their situation.

What percentage of Jamaica is Muslim?


Protestant percent 60% 17th out of 58
Percentage Muslim 0.2% 143th out of 167
Jehovahs Witnesses 11,174 66th out of 177
Jews 300 79th out of 89

What is the most dominant religion in Jamaica?

Protestantism is the dominant religion in Jamaica. Protestants make up just over 60% of the population. The five largest denominations in Jamaica are: Church of God, Seventh-day Adventist, Baptist, Pentecostal and Anglican.

How did Islam become popular in the Caribbean?

This phenomenon was inspired by events in North America and particularly by the teachings of Malcolm X. While the Nation of Islam did have a small following in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and in other Caribbean territories, the majority of Africans in the Caribbean who accepted Islam joined the orthodox Muslim community.

What was the religion of the Carib people?

They were seafaring hunters and tillers of soil, peaceful and united. They hated aggression. Their religion was Mohammedanism (Islam) and their language Arabic.” This reveals another part of the pre-Columbian African hereditary legacy left with the ‘Carib’ people from whose name we derive the word ‘Caribbean’.” taken from here.

Are there any Muslim communities in the Caribbean?

The other Muslim communities in the Caribbean, with the exception of Barbados, are predominantly Afro-Caribbean in their membership. There were Muslims, Jews, and Christians among the early Syrian and Lebanese immigrants to the Caribbean. These groups came as traders to the Caribbean in the 1930s.

When did Muslims start wearing the hijab in the Caribbean?

The Iranian Revolution of 1979 further kindled the flames of fundamentalism among Caribbean Muslims. Young Muslims took pride in openly identifying with Islam. It was only around the mid-1970s that Muslim women began wearing the hijab, or veil.

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