How was the Torah preserved?

How was the Torah preserved?

The written Torah, in the restricted sense of the first five books of the Bible, is preserved in all Jewish synagogues on handwritten parchment scrolls that reside inside the ark of the Law. They are removed and returned to their place with special reverence.

How is the Sefer Torah stored when it is not in use?

When not in use the Torah Scroll is stored in an upright position in the Holy Ark, a cabinet situated in the front of the synagogue, usually on its eastern wall. Containing just 46 sheets of leather with three to six columns per sheet, this imperfect Torah Scrolls lacks various sections of text.

What do we cover the Torah scroll with?

We cover the Torah scroll with multiple coverings, dressing it in a “cloak” before restoring it to its honorable place in the Ark and drawing the curtain. The mantel is an ornate covering that both protects and beautifies the Torah scroll, typically made of velvet and embroidered with golden thread, silk, and ornamental beads. The Torah crown.

Can a Torah be placed on the ground?

When the Torah is being transported, ideally it should be held by a person, instead of being placed on a car seat or in the trunk. A Torah scroll may never be placed on the ground. No other item should be placed on top of a Torah. A Torah should always be placed upright; never upside down or on its face.

What do you need to be a scribe in the Torah?

To become a scribe requires rigorous study and training-and great skill. Certainly, a person who has not carefully studied the laws pertaining to composing a Torah scroll cannot be a scribe. Above all, however, the scribe must be a G‑d-fearing and pious person, dedicated to the sanctity of the Torah scroll.

What’s the proper way to store a Torah?

A special place should be designated for storing the Torah while it is in your home. One must always be fully dressed and respectfully behaved while in the room where the Torah is being stored, so the designated room should be chosen accordingly—not the bedroom or game-room… One may not sit or stand on a chair,…

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