Is Crosby better than Malkin?

Is Crosby better than Malkin?

The verdict. There’s no doubt that Crosby plays a more sound defensive game than Malkin. Malkin takes more risks and is occasionally punished for his mistakes. Crosby rarely makes mistakes, and when he does they aren’t nearly as glaring.

Are Crosby and Malkin on the same line?

Every single time Malkin and Crosby have been dropped on the same line, the ice immediately tilts in Pittsburgh’s favour.

Who is better Ovi or Crosby?

The debate between these two transcendent players is multi-layered. Crosby has put up significantly more assists (832) than Ovechkin (587). Crosby has 189 playoff points in 168 games, while Ovechkin has 131 points in 136 postseason contests. Ovechkin has Crosby beat in two categories: goal-scoring and durability.

Is Crosby still the best player in the NHL?

At 33 years old and just days away from beginning his 16th NHL season, Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby still ranks among the NHL’s best players according to NHL Network. Crosby comes in at fifth with New York Rangers forward Artemi Panarin claiming the No. 4 spot the top winger according to NHL Network.

Is Crosby declining?

At 33 years of age, Crosby has shown no signs of slowing down. He’s tallied eight points (4 G, 4 A) in ten games to start this season, a number that will surely improve as the games pile up.

How many points does Sidney Crosby have in 2021?


Season GP P
2020-2021 Playoffs 6 2
Career Playoffs 174 191
2020-2021 55 62
NHL Career 1,039 1,325

How much longer will Sidney Crosby play?

How long will it continue? At 33, Crosby is currently signed through 2024-25 on a deal that carries a very fitting $8.7 million average annual value. “As long as I feel good, I’d love to play as long as I can,” Crosby said.

Did Sidney Crosby score in tonight’s game?

Crosby scored the game-winning goal at even strength and added two power-play assists in Friday’s 6-4 victory over the Devils.

Is Sidney Crosby still playing?

Sidney Patrick Crosby ONS (born August 7, 1987) is a Canadian professional ice hockey player and captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League (NHL)….

Sidney Crosby
NHL Draft 1st overall, 2005 Pittsburgh Penguins
Playing career 2005–present

Will Ovechkin catch Gretzky?

But, if he wants to compete until his 40s, then he will become the greatest goal scorer the sport has ever seen. While no one will ever get close to touching Gretzky’s record of 2,857 points, Ovechkin has a chance to carve his name into the annals of NHL history.

How are Crosby and Malkin helping the Penguins?

The Penguins are paper-thin at center depth, so the team is banking on another big season from their superstar duo. Crosby and Malkin must produce at more than a point-a-game for the Penguins to enjoy success this season. If the two superstars have down years, the Penguins will be in big-big trouble to make the playoffs.

How are Crosby and Malkin doing in the NHL?

While management searches for answers, one thing we know is if the duo of Crosby and Malkin aren’t at the top of their game, don’t expect much from the Penguins this season. Heading into 2020-21, #87 and #71 are healthy and as motivated as ever to succeed.

How many points did Malkin have last season?

Last season, Crosby was on pace for a 95-point season, meanwhile, Malkin finished with 74 points in 55 games and showed he’s able to carry the load when Crosby is out. With essentially the same lines in their top-six as at the end of last season, this duo will have familiar faces on their wings.

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