Is Eden Hazard brother Muslim?

Is Eden Hazard brother Muslim?

In the family Eden Hazard is the eldest children of his parents. All his 3 brother are younger in age to him. About his religion – He follows Muslim as his religion….

Eden Hazard Wiki and Biography
Sun sign Capricorn
Nationality Belgian
Ethnicity Belgian (Walloon)
Religion Muslim

What race is Eden Hazard?

From ethnicity perspective, he is of the Belgian White Ethnic group. Again as regards Eden Hazard family roots, his Belgian’s grandparents belong to the country’s Wallonia lineage. People from this part of Belgium have their ancestry from France and constitute around 31.7% of the country’s population.

Who is Eden Hazard wife?

Natacha Van Honackerm. 2012
Eden Hazard/Wife
Eden Hazard’s wife is Natacha Van Honacker who is shortly known as Natacha Hazard. Hazard’s net worth boosted after his transfer to Real Madrid. He is now one of the ten richest football players.

Does Eden Hazard have tattoos?

Hazard Tattoo – Does he have one? His latest tattoo is this floral piece on his arm. Eden has a Japanese ‘katakana’ tattoo on his ribs. The ink is to honor his son called Yannis.

Where is Eden Hazard now?

Belgium national football team#10 / Midfielder
Real Madrid CF#50 / Forward, Midfielder
Eden Hazard/Current teams

What position is Eden Hazard?

Eden Hazard/Position

What is Eden Hazard salary?

20 million GBP (2021)
Eden Hazard/Salary

What is Eden Hazard net worth?

Net Worth: $100 Million
Age: 29
Born: January 7, 1991
Country of Origin: Belgium
Source of Wealth: Professional Soccer Player

Who is Eden Hazard brother?

Thorgan Hazard
Kylian HazardEthan Hazard
Eden Hazard/Brothers
Euro 2020: Belgium goal hero Thorgan Hazard came out from under the shadow of his brother and team captain Eden to score a stunning goal in the win against Portugal.

What is Eden Hazard weekly salary?

Hazard was on a £200k-a-week salary at Chelsea but he got a big boost to his wage packet. According to the latest report from Sillyseason, Hazard earns £532k-a-week. Hazard earns £27,664 million in a year, £2.3 million every month, £74,3 just for his days work, £3k in an hour, £50 for the minute.

How much does Eden Hazard make a week?

Eden Hazard’s Weekly Wage Eden Hazard currently earns 550.000,00 paunds per week. pounds per month! pounds per week! pounds per day!

Is thorgan hazard better than Eden?

Eden Hazard has a pass completion rate of 87.38 % and a rate of 50% for passes into the box. Thorgan Hazard has a pass completion rate of 82.59% and a rate of 0 % for passes into the box.

Are thorgan and Eden Hazard twins?

Thorgan Ganael Francis Hazard (born 29 March 1993) is a Belgian professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder and winger for Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund and the Belgium national team. He is the younger brother of Eden and older brother of Kylian Hazard.

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