Is it OK to have blind faith?

Is it OK to have blind faith?

Faith without rationality is blind faith, a fertile breeding ground for crime. The holy criminals who are now being exposed are stockists and retailers of blind faith. Everyone who peddles blind faith is, from a spiritual standpoint, a criminal. Irrational religiosity is a crime against humanity.

Why does God want us to have faith in him?

God knows everything we are going through at this very moment and everything we will go through in the future. He knows the best way to handle every situation so we get the best possible outcome and we need to trust him with that. We need to follow his path and trust that he knows best, because he does.

What does God say about blindness?

The LORD gives sight to the blind, the LORD lifts up those who are bowed down, the LORD loves the righteous. In that day the deaf will hear the words of the scroll, and out of gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind will see. Then will the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped.

Who opposed blind faith?

Despite being a deeply spiritual person, Vivekananda was one of the strongest critics of superstition.

What is blind fate?

National University of Singapore. In this essay “blind fate” refers to one’s fixed lot determined by an impersonal, unapproachable. power. This power is blind in the sense that it determines a man’s happiness and misery without any reference to his ethical conduct. The capitalized word “Fate” refers to that blind power …

What illness causes blindness?

The leading causes of blindness and low vision in the United States are primarily age-related eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma. Other common eye disorders include amblyopia and strabismus.

What Bible verse says have faith even when you can’t see?

Blessed are those who believe without seeing.” Verse 31 says, “But these [scriptures] are written so that you may believe Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and by believing, you may have life in His Name.”

What effect does faith have on people’s lives?

The researcher hypothesizes that people with a strong sense of faith will have higher optimism, external control, and self-esteem.

Despite being a deeply spiritual person, Vivekananda was one of the strongest critics of superstition. His words stand testimony to his stance on the issue- “To believe blindly is to degenerate the human soul. Be an atheist if you want, but do not believe in anything unquestioningly.”

What does it mean to have blind faith in God?

Answer: The phrase “blind faith” means different things to different people, and, sadly, many people use it as a negative, disparaging term to describe anyone who believes in God.

Why was this man born blind in the Bible?

The disciples asked, “Why was this man born blind?” In this question, they were asking why for all of us. But in His answer, Jesus didn’t respond directly to the why. Instead, He changed the why question to how. Neither this man nor his parents sinned, said Jesus, but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.

Why do some people do not believe in Jesus?

People do not believe in Jesus because they reject the light that God has given them, resulting in God’s judicially blinding them; but some see Jesus’ glory and believe. We’ll divide the text into four parts: 1. People do not believe in Jesus because they reject the light that He has given them (12:36-37).

Why does God want us to believe in him?

It’s much the same with God. God wants us to trust him, because that requires both believing that he is trustworthy and acting on that belief.

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