Is North Shore Oahu a good place to live?

Is North Shore Oahu a good place to live?

Known for it’s laid back attitude and surf-inspired culture, this stretch of coast is perfect for those looking to rent or buy a home in a pristine small-town community. The North Shore includes the towns of Haleiwa, Pupukea, Kahuku, Laie, and Hauula, with Haleiwa as the mainstay.

Is the North Shore dangerous?

(Note: The North Shore beaches are extremely dangerous for novice swimmers and surfers in the winter when waves can reach as high as 50 feet (15 m). Drownings are common — obey the lifeguards!)

What is considered North Shore Oahu?

The North Shore of Oahu encompasses the 17-mile north-facing coastal area between Ka’ena Point in the west and eastward to Kahuku Point. Famous for its surfing, snorkeling, and of course the fifty-one beaches that stretch for more than 11 miles along this incredible expanse of Oahu coastline.

How many people live on the North Shore of Oahu?

North Shore, Honolulu, HI Demographics

Statistic North Shore Honolulu
Population 15,500 349,597
Population density (sq mi) 129 5,774
Median age 36.3 40.9
Male/Female ratio 1.0:1 1.0:1

Where is the safest place to live on Oahu?

Some of the best neighborhoods in Oahu are on the Leeward side such as Kapolei, Makakilo, Ewa Beach, and Ko Olina. The areas have seen an explosion of construction both residential and also commercial. The roads have some of the better civil engineering around with many ways in, around, and for parking.

Where do most locals live on Oahu?

Best places to live on Oahu

  • Kaneohe, Windward Side. Has many different opportunities, making it an ideal spot for all to live.
  • Makakilo, West Side.
  • Mililani, Central.
  • Pearl City, Central.
  • Punaluu, Windward Side.
  • Kaaawa, Windward Side.
  • Aiea, Central.
  • Hauula, Windward Side.

Can you swim on the north shore of Oahu?

Can you swim at North Shore Hawaii? Yes and no. The water is really tumultuous during the winter months (November through April), which is why it hosts so many North Shore surf competitions. However, the water calms down a lot during the summer and fall so you can take advantage of swimming and snorkeling.

Why is the North Shore so dangerous?

Powerful Pacific storms to the north drive huge swells towards the islands, creating the big waves Hawaii is known for. Waves generated from these storms can create dangerous and unpredictable conditions. North Shores: Consistent huge and dangerous swells.

What should I avoid in Oahu?

What to Do in Oahu: 10 Tourist Mistakes to Avoid

  • Never Leaving the Resort.
  • Not Getting a Rental Car and Exploring the Island.
  • Forgetting to Bring Cash.
  • Having a Packed Schedule.
  • Not Respecting Local Wildlife and Animals.
  • Stepping On Coral.
  • Taking Lava Rocks and Sand Home With You.
  • Not Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Can you swim at North Shore Hawaii?

Is North Shore expensive?

It’s the most expensive region for houses in Sydney, where the median price is $2.33 million, according to Domain’s September quarter figures. Made up of suburbs either on or near harbour waters, the lower north shore often has prestige deals in the headlines.

Why does North Shore have big waves?

Winter’s huge surfing waves are generated from winter swells coming from the north, which kick up as they sweep powerfully over the layers of reef. Because the reefs there are cavernous, as the swell hits them, air bubbles are sent to the top, developing the picture perfect crest that big wave surfers love to ride.

What is the most dangerous city in Hawaii?

Here Are The 11 Most Dangerous Places In Hawaii After Dark

  • Wahiawa, Oahu. Samuel Apuna/Flickrr.
  • Kapaa, Kauai. Tony Cyphert/Flickr.
  • Kahului, Maui. J.
  • Makaha, Oahu. Tony Webster/Flickr.
  • Napili-Honokowai, Maui. mliu92/Flickr.
  • Honolulu, Oahu. Edmund Garman/Flickr.
  • Pahoa, Island of Hawaii. Alex Avriette/Flickr.
  • Ewa Beach, Oahu.

What are the cons of living in Hawaii?

List of the Cons of Living in Hawaii

  • There are lava flows to consider when living in Hawaii.
  • Some places in Hawaii receive a lot of rain.
  • The cost of living in Hawaii is significantly higher than most other states.
  • Traffic in highway is nothing short of a nightmare on some islands.

Where are the bad parts of Oahu?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Honolulu, HI

  • Airport. Population 20,331. 57 %
  • Wahiawa. Population 46,562. 45 %
  • Waianae. Population 37,608. 40 %
  • Kalihi-Palama. Population 39,960. 40 %
  • Mokapu. Population 9,948. 39 %
  • Ewa. Population 68,101. 26 %
  • Aliamanu. Population 37,217. 25 %
  • Downtown. Population 11,955. 24 %

Where do the rich live on Oahu?

1. Kahala – Located on the eastern end of Diamond Head, this iconic elite neighborhood has some of the most expensive real estate in the entire island–think opulent mansions and oceanfront properties with unobstructed views.

Where can you swim on the north shore Oahu?

10 of Oahu’s Best North Shore Beaches (Swim, Snorkel, Surf)

  1. Haleiwa Ali’i Beach Park.
  2. Papa’iloa Beach (aka Lost Beach or Police Beach)
  3. Laniakea Beach (aka Turtle Beach)
  4. Waimea Bay Beach.
  5. Three Tables Beach.
  6. Shark’s Cove.
  7. Ehukai Beach Park (The Banzai Pipeline)
  8. Sunset Beach.

Is North Shore Oahu crowded?

North shore of Oahu is slow going because of the traffic. It is way too crowded there.

How many people have died at Pipeline?

Tamayo Perry’s axe wound at Pipeline Seven surfers have died at the break and many more have suffered serious injuries. Once such surfer was Tamayo Perry, a local Hawaiian who was known as one of the best surfers there.

How dangerous is Pipeline Hawaii?

Many people have died or been seriously injured at Pipeline. Pipeline has been called one of the world’s deadliest waves. Its average wave is 9 feet (3 m), but it can be as tall as 20 feet. Especially perilous are sections of shallow reef known as “Off the Wall” and “Backdoor”.

Where should you not live on Oahu?

If you’re thinking about moving to Hawaii, here are 20 of the worst places to live you might want to avoid.

  • Wahiawa, HI.
  • Kapaa, HI.
  • Kahului, HI.
  • Makaha, HI.
  • Napili-Honokawai, HI.
  • Ocean Pointe, HI.
  • Maili, HI.
  • Kula, HI.

Why are North Shore waves so big?

How much does it cost to live in North Shore Oahu?


Item Honolulu National avg.
Home Price $601,500.00 $184,700.00
Avg. Mortgage Payment $4,319.52 $1,197.42
Apartment Rent $1,357.00 $949.00

Where is the north shore of Oahu located?

Life on the North Shore is pure paradise. Located on the Island of Oahu, the North Shore lies between K’ena and Kahuu Points about an hour’s drive from the city center of Honolulu. People from all over the world travel to this community for the colossal waves, which make for a one-of-a-kind surfing experience.

How much does it cost to rent a house on the north shore?

Plan on spending $1,500 per month to rent a one-bedroom residence. A beer at a local pub costs around $9.50, and gas prices rank 18 percent higher than the national average. A one-way bus fare costs $2.50 for adults; however, lines from North Shore to Honolulu are limited.

What to do on the north shore of Hawaii?

Haleiwa Beach Park is no ordinary park. After a day at the North Shore, swing by and see some sea turtles, enjoy some recreational surfing or take a snooze in the sand. No matter the activity, families enjoy time spent at this luxurious beach park.

How much does it cost to rent a house in Honolulu?

The cost of living in North Shore ranks at almost 9 percent greater than the Honolulu average and 90 percent greater than the national average. Plan on spending $1,500 per month to rent a one-bedroom residence. A beer at a local pub costs around $9.50, and gas prices rank 18 percent higher than the national average.

How long does it take to drive from Honolulu to North Shore?

Yes, the driving distance between Honolulu to North Shore (Oahu) is 32 miles. It takes approximately 41 min to drive from Honolulu to North Shore (Oahu).

What hotels are in Hawaii?

Marriott Operated Hotels. In Hawaii, Marriott operates under four of its major brand names: Sheraton, St. Regis, The Luxury Collection and Westin. The Sheraton properties are the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani and Sheraton Waikiki on the island of O’ahu; the Sheraton Kauai Resort; the Sheraton Keauhou Resort and Spa on Hawaii’s Big Island;

Where to stay in North Shore, Oahu?

One of the main attractions to staying at the Courtyard Marriott on the north shore of Oahu is the close proximity to the Polynesian Cultural Center , which is one of the most popular tourist attractions on Oahu.

What is the north shore of Hawaii?

The North Shore, in the context of geography of the Island of Oʻahu, refers to the north-facing coastal area of Oʻahu between Kaʻena Point and Kahuku . The largest settlement is Haleʻiwa. This area is best known for its massive waves, attracting surfers from all around the globe.

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