Is the church good at pointing the finger?

Is the church good at pointing the finger?

The church is often very skilled at pointing the finger and not so good at rehabilitating its wounded. The Christian music scene is littered with the casualties of artists who have done stupid things, made bad choices or simply indulged in sin. In other genres of music this sort of behaviour is encouraged and even mythlogised! Heck!

Why do people walk away from the church?

You think it’s because “the culture” is so lost, so perverse, so beyond help that they are all walking away. You believe that they’ve turned a deaf ear to the voice of God; chasing money, and sex, and material things.

When did Michael English leave the Singing Americans?

He sang with the Singing Americans (1980-1982 and 1984-1985), the Happy Goodmans (1982-1983), the Couriers (1983-1984) and most successfully of all, the Gaither Vocal Band. In 1989 Michael decided to go solo and was signed to Curb Records.

Are there any choirs left in the church?

Don’t count choirs out, said Eileen Guenther, professor of church music at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington and former president of the American Guild of Organists. “Churches are struggling to find the style that is most engaging. But there’s a reason choral music is called ‘traditional.’

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Who is the pastor of the church with no choir?

(RNS) James Merritt spent years as senior pastor of an Atlanta-area megachurch that featured a mighty choir. Then he changed his tune. At 50, he left First Baptist Church Snellville to plant a new church — 200 people in a rented space at a high school 12 miles away — focused on reaching a young generation. There was and is no choir.

What are the signs of being a member of a church?

Churches have their own signs, although not as clear or blatant as that. Usually, they are read in the faces, smiles (or lack of one), and tone of voice of members. 6. The insider language keeps outsiders away.

Why did the United Methodist Church stop buying choral music?

Sales for the music for choral anthems, slipped so deeply four years ago that the United Methodist Church’s publishing arm, Abingdon Press, stopped buying new anthem music, said Mary Catherine Dean, associate publisher. A singer with Cross Pointe Worship Team rocks out during a performance. Photo courtesy of Cross Pointe Church

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