Is the name Jedidiah a biblical name?

Is the name Jedidiah a biblical name?

Jedidiah is a Biblical name that comes from the Hebrew meaning “beloved of Yahweh”. So he called his name Jedidiah, because of the Lord.” In other words, Solomon was given a blessing directly from God with the name Jedidiah; a reminder that he was “beloved of the Lord”.

Why did King David name his son Solomon?

David then repented before God, and in return was promised that Bathsheba would bear him a second son. His name was Solomon. As David grew older and feeble, Bathsheba extracted David’s promise that their son Solomon would succeed him. And so it came to pass.

Did David have a son called Nathan?

Nathan (Hebrew: נתן‎, Modern: Natan, Tiberian: Nāṯān) was the third of four sons born to King David and Bathsheba in Jerusalem. Although Nathan is the third son raised by David and Bathsheba, he is the fourth born to Bathsheba. The first son died before he could be named.

What does Jebediah mean?

beloved friend
SHARE. This Hebrew name means “beloved friend,” which is perfect for the son who will definitely be both your beloved and your friend even when he sprinkles on the toilet seat.

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Is Jedidiah a female name?

Jedediah (Hebrew: יְדִידְיָה‎) or Jedidiah is a Hebrew male given name, which is derived from the name Yedidyah, meaning “friend of God”.

How many wives king David had?

8 wives
8 wives: 18+ children: David is described in the Hebrew Bible as king of the United Monarchy of Israel and Judah.

How old was king David when he killed Goliath?

around 15 years old
David was around 15 years old when Samuel anointed him king in the midst of his brothers. How much time passed after David was anointed and the killing of Goliath is not clear. He was somewhere between the age of 15 and 19 when Jesse sent him to the battle to check on his brothers.

Is Jebediah in the Bible?

There is no “Jebediah” in the Bible. There is Jedidiah, a name which means “beloved of Jehovah.” It was given by Nathan the prophet to the second son of David and Bathsheba, called Solomon (“peace”) by his father.

Is Jedidiah a girl’s name?

What does the name Jedidiah mean in the Bible?

beloved of the Lord
Popularity:1486. Meaning:beloved of the Lord. Jedidiah as a boy’s name is pronounced jed-ah-DYE-ah. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Jedidiah is “beloved of the Lord”. Biblical: a “blessing” name given in infancy to King Solomon, David’s second son by Bathsheba.

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