What are questions about Jesus?

What are questions about Jesus?

5 Unanswered Questions About Jesus

  • When was Jesus born? Though most Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on Dec.
  • Was Jesus married?
  • Did Jesus walk on water?
  • When did Jesus die?
  • Was Jesus buried in the Shroud of Turin?

What was the first thing that Jesus did?

The Gospel of John includes Marriage at Cana as the first miracle of Jesus taking place in this early period of ministry, with his return to Galilee. A few villages in Galilee (e.g. Kafr Kanna) have been suggested as the location of Cana. The return of Jesus to Galilee follows the arrest of John the Baptist.

What is the toughest question in the world?

7 of the Hardest Interview Questions Ever Asked

  • There are infinite black and white dots on a plane.
  • Can you tell me the 15 errors in the code you just created?
  • How can you drop two eggs the fewest amount of times, without them breaking?
  • What has changed in this room since you walked in?

What was the answer to the question that Jesus asked?

The key is simply this: Answer the Question! Among the many things Jesus did, he asked a lot of questions! And whenever you read the Gospels and Jesus asks a question, answer it! Do not wait to see what Peter or Magdalene, or the Pharisees or the crowd say for an answer. You answer the question, in your own words.

Why did God ask the first question in the Bible?

God has questions of us, as well, not because He doesn’t know the answers. He knows all things. The questions God asked throughout Scripture, in both the Old and New Testaments, were to get us to think, to repent, and to return. God’s first question was to Adam in Genesis 3:9: Where are you?

Why did Jesus ask people to believe in him?

Many people came to Jesus asking for something: a miracle, a healing, a free lunch. Jesus challenged them with this question to expose their motives. Did they want a hand-out or did they truly believe Who He was and what He could do? When we come to God with our shopping lists, the question that remains on Jesus’ heart is “Do you believe?”

Why did Jesus ask the question in Mark 8?

Jesus likely asked this question in Mark 8:17 out of frustration. No matter what they saw Him do, His disciples still didn’t get it. Jesus had just fed four thousand people with seven loaves of bread and a few fish.

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