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What did the Palestine police do?

What did the Palestine police do?

The Palestine Police Force was a British colonial police service established in Mandatory Palestine on 1 July 1920, when High Commissioner Sir Herbert Samuel’s civil administration took over responsibility for security from General Allenby’s Occupied Enemy Territory Administration (South).

Who was given a mandate on Palestine?

The British
The British were given a “dual mandate”, that is, on behalf of Palestine’s inhabitants on the one hand, and on behalf of “international society” on the other. The Balfour Declaration was incorporated into the preamble and second article of the Mandate for Palestine.

Why was the Balfour Declaration made?

The Balfour Declaration, which resulted in a significant upheaval in the lives of Palestinians, was issued on November 2, 1917. The declaration turned the Zionist aim of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine into a reality when Britain publicly pledged to establish “a national home for the Jewish people” there.

Who started the Haganah?

Ze’ev Jabotinsky
Eliyahu Golomb

What is Haganah Israel?

Haganah, (Hebrew: “Defense”), Zionist military organization representing the majority of the Jews in Palestine from 1920 to 1948. Organized to combat the revolts of Palestinian Arabs against the Jewish settlement of Palestine, it early came under the influence of the Histadrut (“General Federation of Labour”).

Who was the police chief of Palestine in 1937?

During the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine additional forces were established in Palestine by the British including the Jewish Settlement Police, Jewish Supernumerary Police and the joint British-Jewish Special Night Squads . The Colonial Office wanted Charles Tegart to become Inspector-General of the Force in 1937.

Why did Jews not join the police force?

Thus, many Jews in the ghettos considered the Jewish police to be a danger to the rest of the ghetto population. In addition, many youth Movements and Jewish political parties forbid their members from joining the police forces. As time went on, the Jewish policemen were strongly affected by the mass deportations to extermination camps.

What was the purpose of the Palestine Police Force?

In 1944, the Police Mobile Force (PMF) was created as a fully militarized strike force, which was part of and under the command of the Palestine Police. Established with 800 British servicemen, who had been on active wartime service in Italy, North Africa, and Britain, the PMF was organized, trained, and equipped along military lines.

What was the police of the Jewish ghetto?

Jewish Ghetto Police or Jewish Police Service (German: Jüdische Ghetto-Polizei or Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst), also referred to by Jews as the Jewish Police, were auxiliary police units organized within the Jewish ghettos of German-occupied Eastern Europe by local Judenrat councils under the ultimate authority of the Nazi occupiers. [1]

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