What did you never know about the Golden Girls?

What did you never know about the Golden Girls?

Here for you now, 30 years after the show first premiered, are 14 things your probably never knew about America’s favorite “Golden Girls.” 1. Estelle Getty suffered from a severe case of stage fright. The woman known for her witty one-liners and cutting jokes didn’t do well when it came to acting in front of a live audience.

How long did the Golden Girls live together?

During Season Seven when Blanche wants a hot tub, she is told she needs to have a permit in order to have all three of the girls living in the house. When Blanche sells them each a share of the house, they make reference to living together for seven years. How is that possible when they said they were living together for five years in Season Three?

How old is Michael from the Golden Girls?

Michael is in his late 20s when he hooks up with Rose’s daughter. He comes back in another episode when he is engaged to an older woman — but is now in his early 20s. Blanche’s daughter Rebecca was also one age one minute and older in another. She was 24 in Season Three and appeared much older in later seasons.

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Who was the gay manservant in the Golden Girls?

In the original script, a gay manservant named Coco also lived with the fashionable crew. He was played by actor Charles Levin and named after one of the producers’ dogs.

How old were the Golden Girls supposed to be?

How old were the Golden Girls supposed to be? 1 Sophia Petrillo. Sophia, the straight-talking mother of Dorothy, was the oldest character in the Golden Girls’ house. 2 Rose Nylund. Betty White was 63 when the series began in 1985, but she completely pulled off playing a younger character. 3 Dorothy Zbornak. 4 Blanche Devereaux.

How old was Rue in the Golden Girls?

Rue was 51 years old when The Golden Girls premiered in 1985. How does a guy in golden change a girls life? I think that golden guys change girls lives by treating them better then their old boyfriend.

Why did Sophia turn away John from the Golden Girls?

Dorothy learns that Sophia turned away her prom date John, who is now in Miami, because of the way he was dressed. When she told her that he stood her up, Dorothy lost all her self-esteem and went out with Stan because of this. 40 years earlier Dorothy was stood up for her by her prom date John, which affected her self-esteem.

Who was the straightest character in the Golden Girls?

“Bea was the straightest character, the least eccentric, but certainly Dorothy’s failure in life was very different from Bea’s huge success in life. Bea has got a very funny take on people and she’s quick-witted. And Betty has nothing but brains.

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