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What do guests wear to a Chinese wedding?

What do guests wear to a Chinese wedding?

Both white and black represent mourning in Chinese culture. “You should also avoid red, as that is reserved for the bride,” explains Katherine Hoggard of Events by Katherine. “Good colors are pink, peach, purple, orange and yellow.” You’ll also want to dress modestly with your shoulders, chest and thighs covered.

Why can’t you wear red to a Chinese wedding?

Guests should avoid wearing red because this could be seen as upstaging the bride or competing for attention. You don’t want to come off as impolite to the bride! Don’t wear white or black. These colors are often worn at Chinese funerals, and signify death and mourning.

What Colour do Chinese brides wear?

Red plays a vital role in Chinese weddings, because this color is associated with success, loyalty, honor, fertility, and love, amongst others. Because of this, decorations at Chinese weddings are generally in red, and so is the bride’s dress. Gold is also commonly used, as it portrays wealth and fortune.

What do you wear to a Chinese wedding tea ceremony?

Typically, the bride wears a floor or ankle-length red cheongsam (qipao) dress featuring a mandarin collar. A more traditional Chinese wedding dress you can wear is the qun kwa. The groom will typically wear a tux or suit to match or opt to wear a more traditional brocade jacket (changshan).

What does the tea ceremony symbolize?

The tea ceremony represents purity, tranquillity, respect and harmony and a lot of preparation goes into this important event.

What is the best gift for a Chinese wedding?


  • Dragon and Phoenix Bangles. The dragon and phoenix bangles are usually given by the parents of the groom and bride or the elders in the family.
  • Gold Pig Necklace.
  • Chinese Wedding Hairpins.
  • Custom Chopsticks.
  • Tea Set.
  • Silk Bedding.
  • Jade Home Decor.

    Why are Chinese tables round?

    Chinese prefer round dining tables because more people can be seated around the table. A round table allows people to eat facing each other without differentiation. In other words, when seated at a round table every one is equal, regardless of their status and wealth.

    How should a guest behave at a tea ceremony?

    There are sweets to eat, but remember the main rule of tea ceremony for guests: Never, ever do or say anything that is not part of the ceremony itself. The shokyaku will help you discover what your role is during your first time as an attendee. Always follow the lead of either the interpreter or the shokyaku.

    What type of flooring do people sit on during the tea ceremony?

    The Japanese traditional floor mats, tatami, are used in various ways in tea offerings. Their placement, for example, determines how a person walks through the tea room chashitsu, and the different seating positions. The use of tatami flooring has influenced the development of tea.

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