What do you see in guys first?

What do you see in guys first?

Your behaviour: A pretty face doesn’t count for much if your attitude stinks. Your hair: Face this fact: guys do notice your hair. A head of shiny, clean, fresh-smelling hair will catch his attention for sure. Your eyes: When a guy is interested in you, he will look hard at you and try to make eye contact.

What did I See for the first time as a kid?

Apparently my father had not hid his pornographic videos very well (or at all) and, being the curious kid, I popped it into the VCR with great anticipation at what I might find. You can imagine my surprise when I saw everyone sans clothes and in very creative positions. I watched in wonder as they tried things I’ve never even contemplated before.

Do you know what guys are thinking when they see a girl?

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Obviously sleeping with her is one of them but there really isn’t something you can do to change that as both genders have these thoughts from time to time. It is the way humans are, according to basic psychology.

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How old was you when you saw your first woman?

The first naked woman I saw in the flesh was my girlfriend, when I was 17. I don’t remember this, but I’ve been told that when I was little (3 or 4 ish I think) I walked in the bathroom after my dad had just gotten out of the shower. Upon seeing his parts, I pointed and said: “Daddy, what’s that?”

What did I think the first time I saw a vagina?

To this day, I’m still surprised I didn’t start maniacally laughing and pass out the first time I laid eyes on a vagina IRL. That’s why you’ll probably relate to these 13 women sharing what went through their minds the first time they ever saw a P:

What did you think when you saw the vagina for the first time?

“I think there was a fair bit of distance between my first time putting my hand in a girl’s pants and actually, like, taking the pants off and getting to see the vagina, you know? Those are, like, two separate tiers. So I remember thinking, This is it.

When did I first touch someone for the first time?

This was a really good experience I’ve ever had. In 1952, at about the time of my 16th birthday we were in the US, and I was registered in College and working on campus. Classes had not started. Mother was staying with Grandma until daddy came home from the Philippines.

When was the first time it happened to me?

The first time it happened to me I was 8ish & in a schoolbus & a guy drove by pointing to himself beating off. He was wearing a red plaid suit and had to have been at least 70.

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What was the name of the girl who threw eggs at a man?

Katie Smith, a woman from Delray Beach, Florida, says that when she was 10, she and her friends threw eggs and rocks at a man who had followed their school bus while masturbating. “I still remember the look on his face when we did it,” she said. “I’ve always hoped it gave him lifelong performance anxiety.”

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