What does Angela receive in the gold wrapped box at her wedding shower?

What does Angela receive in the gold wrapped box at her wedding shower?

She gets two asparagus cookers and an egg poacher; then she checks the time and picks up a thin carton with gold wrapping.

What can you infer about Angela screaming at Turtle to get away right before the bomb went off?

What can you infer about Angela screaming at Turtle to get away right before the bomb went off? Angela knew there was a bomb inside the present.

What happened during Angela’s bridal shower?

The third bomb goes off during Angela’s bridal shower: it’s a present that explodes while she’s opening it. She keeps Turtle from getting hurt by it, but it burns her hands and cuts her face. In the hospital, Turtle visits and reminds her of how she used to say inner beauty was more important than outer.

Who was injured at Angela’s bridal shower?

Who was injured at Angela’s bridal shower? Sydelle Pulaski broke her ankle.

Why did Angela set off the bombs?

In The Westing Game, bomber Angela Wexler’s primary motive in setting off the bombs was to mar her beauty so that others would no longer judge her by her looks. She also did it to avoid being married off to Dr. Deere, her mother’s choice of future husband.

Why does turtle get upset when Mrs Baumbach talks about her daughter?

Why does Turtle get upset when Mrs. Baumbach talks about her daughter? Turtle wants to be loved by a mother figure the way that her mother loves Angela. She is jealous of Mrs.

Who is hurt by the third bomb that goes off at the bridal shower?

One of these is that Westing’s murderer has decided to strike again, and another is that it is someone playing pranks (that go wrong when people are injured). It is when the third bomb goes off that someone (Angela Wexler) is seriously injured. (The second bomb resulted in the minor injury of Sydelle Pulaski.)

How did sydelle find out that Angela was the bomber?

As Turtle is leaving, she tells her sister that bombing herself was stupid. Sydelle overhears this and therefore now knows Angela’s secret too. Turtle therefore thanks her sister that she pulled the package towards her face rather than allowing it to explode in Turtle’s face.

Why did Angela do the bombings in the Westing Game?

Angela has engineered the bombings in various attempts to disfigure herself—she wants those around her to see past her beauty and appreciate the person she is, but she feels that this is impossible without drastic measures.

How old is Angela in the Westing Game?

Everything you need for every book you read. Angela is the beautiful 19-year-old daughter of Jake and Grace Wexler and the sister of Turtle Wexler. She’s one of Sam Westing ’s 16 potential heirs.

What did Angela Wexler do with her daughter?

Angela brought her daughter, Alice, to the Wexler-Theodorakis mansion to spend Saturday afternoons with her aunt. There she was, waiting for her in the library. Baba had tied red ribbons in the one long pigtail down her back. “Hi there, Alice,” T. R. Wexler said.

Who is Angela Wexler married to in the Westing Game?

Angela wants to create a legacy she can be proud of—and by the end of the novel, she has completed medical school, married Deere on her own terms, and given birth to a daughter named Alice. Angela Wexler Quotes in The Westing Game

Why is the bridal shower still a thing?

If she married for true love, her father threatened, she would lose her dowry. So the people from the village each thought of a gift they could contribute to the couple to make up a dowry, so she could marry for love. They “showered” her with gifts, giving her a finer dowry than her father ever could!

Is there a right or wrong way to throw a bridal shower?

Technically, there’s no right or wrong way to throw a bridal shower. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t generally established etiquette guidelines. Avoid making a bridal shower faux pas by following these etiquette suggestions. What happens at a bridal shower?

Who are the women invited to a bridal shower?

Often other female friends are included, though the number invited depends on how large the event is intended to be. If the shower is going to be a surprise, the maid of honor and the bride’s mother should work together to come up with a guest list they think the bride will be happy with.

Who is the best bridal shower etiquette expert?

Diane Gottsman is a national etiquette expert, author of Modern Etiquette for a Better Life, and founder of The Protocol School of Texas. As a longtime favorite pre-wedding event, bridal showers can be both exciting and daunting to plan for.

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