What does breach mean in the Bible?

What does breach mean in the Bible?

an infraction or violation, as of a law, trust, faith, or promise.

How do you use breach in a sentence?

Examples of breach in a Sentence Noun This is clearly a breach of the treaty. Many people consider her decision to be a breach of trust . The judge ruled that the doctor’s actions were in breach of her contractual duty. Verb He claims that the city breached an agreement by selling the property.

What are spiritual breaches?

Spiritual breaches are spiritual gaps, holes, opening, that can be found in the spiritual wall. Naturally a wall means protection. There are things that bring holes (disobedience) in our spiritual wall like unconfessed sin, evil covenants, evil vows, pledges, evil dedications, etc.

What part of speech is breach?


part of speech: noun
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: breaches, breaching, breached
definition 1: to make an opening or breach in; break through. The torrent of water breached the dam. similar words: bilge, break through, open

What does it mean to be repairers of the breach?

Repairers of the Breach is a nonpartisan 501c3 tax exempt not-for-profit organization that seeks to build a moral agenda rooted in a framework that uplifts our deepest moral and constitutional values to redeem the heart and soul of our country. Repairers of the Breach was founded in 2015 by the Rev.

What does Isaiah 58 12 mean?

This verse from Isaiah seems to be a call to the people to repair the walls and restore the city. Actually it’s a promise to the people of what they can achieve if they will do the Lord’s will. It comes at the end of a chapter where the people are being chastised for their false fasting.

What is an example of breach?

An example of a breach is an agreement that has been broken. An example of a breach is a person violating their probation. Breach is defined as break or violate. An example of breach is breaking a hole in the sea wall.

What is the difference between breech and breach?

Breech refers either to pants or to the hind end of things (buttocks, the rear of a firearm). Breach is a violation of something (such as a contract) or a split or gap (as in “once more unto the breach”).

What does breach mean in slang?

What does breach mean? The word breach means “the act or result of a breaking” or a “gap, rift, fissure” when used as a noun.

What is M breach?

Material breach is a contract law term which refers to a failure of performance under the contract which is significant enough to give the aggrieved party the right to sue for breach of contract. Remedies for contractual breaches are not designed to punish the breaching party.

Is God the repairer of the breach?

People of faith are led to fix things that are broken. That is the message from Isaiah: “Your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to live in” (Isaiah 58:12).

What is the meaning of repairer?

1. repairer – a skilled worker who mends or repairs things. mender, fixer. darner – a person who mends by darning. maintenance man, repairman, service man – a skilled worker whose job is to repair things.

What does it mean to be a repairer of the breach?

What is an example of breach of confidentiality?

An example of a breach of confidentiality could be if a freelancer works for a number of clients in the same industry and accidentally emails confidential business information to the wrong client. Another example is if there is sensitive information on a laptop and the laptop is stolen.

What is breach of privacy?

n. the intrusion into the personal life of another, without just cause, which can give the person whose privacy has been invaded a right to bring a lawsuit for damages against the person or entity that intruded.

Why do they call it breach?

And animal lovers may know it can be used to describe when a whale leaps completely or partially out of the water and returns back to the ocean with a splash. Breach has an old history. It comes from the Old English bræc for “breaking,” and the Middle English breche.

What are the causes of breech position?

What causes breech position? Most of the time, there is no clear reason why the baby did not turn head-down. In some cases, breech position may be linked to early labor, twins or more, problems with the uterus, or problems with the baby.

What is a confidentiality breach?

A breach of confidentiality is when data or private information is disclosed to a third party without the data owner’s consent. In many professions, protecting confidential information is essential for maintaining trust and ongoing business with your clients. …

What is breach of protocol means?

A breach of protocol would indicate that rules were broken. Here are a few more examples, The spies found a breach in enemy lines and were able to exit the city undetected. A breach in the fabric of my jersey meant that I needed to retire it from active rotation.

What are 4 types of contract breaches?

Generally speaking, there are four types of contract breaches: anticipatory, actual, minor and material.

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