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What does it mean to be active on Section 8?

What does it mean to be active on Section 8?

Active: You were selected in the lottery, and you are on the list for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher with Metro HRA. Inactive: You were not selected in the lottery, and you are NOT on the list for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher with Metro HRA.

How long is the waiting list for Section 8 in Michigan?

Section 8 Waiting List Michigan. There is no set period for how long you will be on the waiting list before you are officially in the program. Nor can you apply wherever you like at any time. You can only apply to a county with an open waiting list.

What is prelim wait list?

The Preliminary Wait List is a pool of applicants waiting to be reached for an eligibility interview. It is the initial stage of the application process, upon submission of your application to NYCHA.

What is the waiting list?

A waiting list is a list of people who have asked for something which cannot be given to them immediately, for example medical treatment, housing, or training, and who must therefore wait until it is available.

What is the housing waiting list?

As social housing becomes available, the local authority allocates it to people who are on its record of qualified households – more commonly known as the housing list. Before offering you accommodation, the local authority reviews its assessment of your application and confirms that your household still qualifies.

Is there a waiting list for Section 8 housing?

The need for housing assistance is greater than the number of vouchers available; long waiting times are common. Some PHAs only accept Section 8 voucher applications during designated time periods. When a PHA has more applicants than it can assist in the near future, it may close its waiting list.

What does it mean to be on a housing waiting list?

No, being placed on a waiting list does not guarantee that you will receive housing assistance. It means that you have passed the basic eligibility requirements to be considered to receive assistance once your name has reached the top of the waiting list.

What happens when your name is put on the Sha waiting list?

If the SHA determines that your family is eligible, then your name will be placed on the waiting list, unless it is able to assist you immediately. Once your name is reached on the waiting list, the SHA will contact you regarding additional information which may be required and to have fingerprints completed to screen for criminal history.

What happens if your name is removed from the waiting list?

In the case that the office sends a notice that does not get returned, or if application information is out of date, your name may be terminated from the waiting list. Contact the housing office to find out how to update application information.

Can you still be on the Section 8 waiting list?

As more vouchers become available to a PHA, applications will continue to be selected from their Section 8 waiting list. Some housing authorities may mail you notices that will ask you if you want to opt to remain on the waiting list. Others will keep your application on hand until you receive a notification for an interview.

Where can I find list of housing waiting lists?

Please read carefully all information regards the specific State/County/City you choose to apply in. Contact the Housing Authority (HA) of your choice via the provided link or find the HA contact from here. The programs are extremely oversubscribed and waiting-lists are often open for a very short period of time.

What happens if my name is selected from the waiting list?


How do I get off the Sha waiting list?

SHA will send you a letter by U.S. postal service and/or email requesting you complete the formal eligibility process. Once the information is verified and if you are determined eligible to participate in the program, a voucher will be issued. If you do not respond to these letters, your name will be removed from the waiting list.

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