What does Solomon do to Israel during his rule?

What does Solomon do to Israel during his rule?

During his reign, Solomon controlled the trade routes coming out of Edom, Arabia, India, Africa, and Judea; he constructed an elaborate and profitable web of alliances (cemented by an enormous assemblage of hundreds of wives and concubines), and he purportedly built the first Temple of God in Jerusalem, which was …

How did King Solomon solve the problem?

King Solomon proposes a solution: “Cut the live child in two, and give half to one and half to the other (1 Kgs. 3:25).” The King assumes that the women care both about the baby and winning Solomon’s favor, but the real mother cares more about the baby and the imposter cares more about winning Solomon’s favor.

What does adonijah mean in the Bible?

Means “my lord is Yahweh” in Hebrew. This is the name of one of King David’s sons in the Old Testament. Though he was the eldest surviving son of David, he was passed over as heir to the throne in favour of Solomon.

How long did Adonijah reign?

1010–970 bc), successor of Saul. His career is related in the Old Testament books of Samuel. As king, he united Judah and Israel. David captured Jerusalem, making it his capital.

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What does shephatiah mean?

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Shephatiah is: The Lord that judges.

Why did Solomon banish abiathar?

In 1 Kings 4:14, Zadok and Abiathar are found acting together as priests under Solomon. Abiathar was deposed (the sole historical instance of the deposition of a high priest) and banished to his home at Anathoth by Solomon, because he took part in the attempt to raise Adonijah to the throne instead of Solomon.

What does adonijah mean in Hebrew?

Yahu is my lord
Adonijah is a Hebrew name, meaning “Yahu is my lord”. A number of characters in the Bible bear this name. The fourth son of King David. ( 2 Samuel 3:4) A Levite sent with the princes to teach the book of the law to the inhabitants of Judah (2 Chronicles 17:8)

How do you pronounce shephatiah?

Phonetic spelling of Shephatiah

  1. shep-ha-ti-ah.
  2. Shep-ha-tiah.
  3. She-pha-ti-ah.
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