What goes on at a bar mitzvah?

What goes on at a bar mitzvah?

Before his 13th birthday, a Jewish boy will attend lessons, usually at the synagogue, in Hebrew and in how to read the Torah aloud. On the Sabbath nearest to his 13th birthday, the boy will become Bar Mitzvah . During the Sabbath service, the boy will read aloud part of the Torah or a section of the Prophets.

Can you wear black to a Bar Mitzvah?

Dress Colors and Patterns While there are no set traditional colors for Bar Mitzvah dresses, black, brown, navy blue, burgundy and ivory are appropriate, as are other single-color dresses. Liven these colors with pops of brighter accessories, such as a hat, belt, shoes and gloves.

What kind of food is eaten at a bar mitzvah?

Answers. Kosher is the main food that eaten at Bar Mitzvah.Kosher does not mixing of dairy and meat,no pork or pork products and no shell fish.The other foods are mini pizzas,turkey sandwiches,chips,vaggies and dip,chocolate,vanilla andstrawberry ice-cream,butterfingers,oreo bits,hot fudge sauce and whipped cream.

What should I bring to a bar mitzvah?

Since this day is to celebrate a birthday, of course, you need to bring a birthday present! Common bar/bat mitzvah gifts include religious and educational books, jewelry, gift certificates, or money. Since the day is all about the boy or girl reaching the age of adulthood, it is best to stay away from giving anything childlike.

What to expect at a morning bar mitzvah?

If the bar mitzvah is on a morning other than Shabbat or a Jewish holiday, chances are that the bar mitzvah boy and his male Jewish guests over the age of 13 will be putting on tefillin, two black boxes that are strapped on the head and the arm for the duration of the prayer services. If you have been invited to a morning bar mitzvah …

What to do at a bat mitzvah reception?

Friends and family will be invited to attend a reception including lots of food, dancing, speeches and entertainment. The menu will include a variety of trendy and casual eats to appeal to both the children and adults in attendance.

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