What happened to Dinah Shore?

What happened to Dinah Shore?

Dinah Shore, a vivacious entertainer who was widely loved for her homey, heartfelt singing and breezy Southern charm, died yesterday at her home in Beverly Hills, Calif. She was 76. The cause was cancer, said Constance L. Stone, her publicity agent.

Who did Dinah Shore marry?

Maurice F. Smithm. 1963–1964
George Montgomerym. 1943–1963
Dinah Shore/Spouse
Frances Rose Shore (Dinah Shore), singer, actress: born Winchester, Tennessee 1 March 1917; married George Montgomery (one son, one daughter; marriage dissolved 1962), 1963 Maurice F. Smith (marriage dissolved 1964); died Los Angeles 24 February 1994. ‘A SINGER who lights a fire by rubbing two notes together’.

Is Dinah Shore still alive?

Deceased (1916–1994)
Dinah Shore/Living or Deceased

What was the age difference between Dinah Shore and Burt Reynolds?

HOLLYWOOD LOVE: DINAH SHORE AND BURT REYNOLDS They had met in 1970 when Burt Reynolds was 35 and Hollywood’s most sought-after leading man. She was 53, now the grande dame of TV talk shows, cool, aloof and still hauntingly beautiful.

Is Roberta Shore married?

Terry C. Barberm. ?–1987
Ron Frederickson
Roberta Shore/Spouse

Did Dinah Shore have a child?

Melissa Montgomery-Hime
John David Montgomery
Dinah Shore/Children

Did Burt Reynolds died in 2018?

September 6, 2018
Burt Reynolds/Date of death

How old was Dinah Shore when she died?

77 years (1916–1994)
Dinah Shore/Age at death

Why did Roberta Shore quit The Virginian?

The storyline mirrored actress Roberta Shore’s own decision to break her seven-year contract with the show in order to focus on her real-life marriage. “I moved from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City and never wanted to come back,” the devout Mormon explained in a 2016 interview.

What killed Doug McClure?

Lung cancer
Doug McClure/Cause of death
Doug McClure, who rode his way from broncobusting to starring roles in such television westerns as “The Virginian,” “The Overland Trail” and “The Men From Shiloh,” died on Sunday at his home in the suburb Sherman Oaks. He was 59. The cause was lung cancer, said Dennis Morga, a friend. Mr.

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