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What happens after your Bar Mitzvah?

What happens after your Bar Mitzvah?

After the service there will usually be a party to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah. A girl from a Liberal Jewish community will prepare for her Bat Mitzvah in a similar way to a boy preparing for his Bar Mitzvah, but she will do this around the time of her 12th birthday.

What does a boy have responsibility for after his Bar Mitzvah?

Once a boy turns 13, he has the responsibilities of an adult under Jewish law: He is not innocent anymore, and is responsible for his own actions (good or bad). He is eligible to be called to read from the Torah, and to participate in a Minyan (a quorum of ten or more adult (over the age of Bar Mitzvah) male Jews).

How do you celebrate a Bar Mitzvah?

After the child’s d’var Torah, the parents (often) give a short speech to their son or daughter. Then the rabbi may give a short sermon and bless the Bar or Bat Mitzvah before the worship service continues. The worship service concludes, and the family of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah hosts a celebration gathering.

What do you need to know about Bar Mitzvah?

The bar mitzvah ceremony formally, publicly marks the assumption of that obligation, along with the corresponding right to take part in leading religious services, to count in a minyan (the minimum number of people needed to perform certain parts of religious services), to form binding contracts, to testify before religious courts and to marry.

Is the bar mitzvah the same as the graduation ceremony?

In other movements of Judaism, the girls do exactly the same thing as the boys. It is important to note that a bar mitzvah is not the goal of a Jewish education, nor is it a graduation ceremony marking the end of a person’s Jewish education.

How does the Bat Mitzvah affect your attitude to Judaism?

But perhaps the greatest challenge is to make the day unforgettable not for the guests but for the real center of attention – the Bat Mitzvah girl or Bar Mitzvah boy. For many, the Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience determines their attitude to Judaism. If the event is shallow and pretentious, they will see Judaism as shallow and pretentious.

What do you do after the Bar Mitzvah reading?

In some communities it is customary for the bar mitzvah boy to chant the Torah reading, or at least one section of it. Others have the custom of honoring the bar mitzvah boy with the final aliyah, known as “Maftir,” after which he chants the haftarah –the reading from the prophets which follows the Shabbat Torah reading.

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