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What happens during Havdalah ceremony?

What happens during Havdalah ceremony?

When Shabbat comes to an end on Saturday evening, a Havdalah ceremony is held to mark the occasion. A blessing is said over wine, a symbol of joy, then over sweet spices, to comfort the soul at the loss of Shabbat. Finally a multi-wicked candle is lit to show that Shabbat has ended and that fire may be created again.

When can you make Kiddush?

According to the Shulchan Aruch, kiddush should be recited preceding the Shabbat meal. Eating mezonot such as cake or cookies or drinking an additional revi’it of wine, was also deemed sufficient. Nevertheless, some Jews recite kiddush only when about to partake of a full meal.

How early can you say Kiddush?

Most poskim maintain that Kiddush Levana may be recited beginning 72 hours after the molad. The common custom is to wait until the first Motzei Shabbos that falls more than 72 hours after the molad. If Motzei Shabbos is cloudy, Kiddush Levana should be said during the week.

Can a woman say kiddush?

Both men and women are equally obligated in this mitzvah. Kiddush may be recited on any kosher wine6 upon which the brocha of Borei Pri Hagafen is recited. One must be careful to purchase only wine and grape juice that have a reliable kosher certification.

Why do we use wine for Havdalah?

There is a common custom to fill the havdalah cup with wine all the way to the brim for the ceremony marking the end of Shabbat, so that a little spills and overflows when you pick up the cup. The symbolism of the custom is that we wish for a week with an overflowing abundance of blessing.

How to do the Havdalah ceremony in Judaism?

The process for the Havdalah ritual: 1 Light the Havdalah candle 2 Recite the first paragraph and the blessing over wine or grape juice ( p’ri hagafen) 3 Pass the cup to your other hand and recite the blessing over the spices ( b’samim) 4 Smell the spices; in many families, the spices are passed around for each person to smell

When do you recite the kiddush on Shabbat?

On Friday night, the Kiddush is recited over a full cup of wine or grape juice before sitting down for Shabbat dinner and before saying the Motzi, the blessing over the challah. Traditionally, the Kiddush was recited by men. Today, in many households women or men recite the Kiddush.

How is the HaMotzi blessing recited in Islam?

The kiddush blessing is recited, then everyone washes al netilyat yadayim, and then hamotzi is recited.

When do you recite the holiday Havdalah?

Holiday havdalah can be divided into two categories: 1) Havdalah recited at the conclusion of a holiday. 2) The special havdalah recited on a holiday which falls on Saturday night. Havdalah is made when entering a day of lesser holiness. Since Shabbat is holier than all the holidays, we recite the havdalah when Shabbat leads into a holiday.

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